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Civilization 6 is the fastest selling entry in the franchise’s 25 years

It’s only been out for two weeks, but Civilization VI is proving to be yet another successful iteration in the turn-based franchise.

Aside from being one of Steam’s most played games, it’s also currently its top-selling, having sold 1 million copies since launch. Take-Two Interactive, parent company of Civilization VI publisher, 2K Games, said in an earnings statement that the game was the fastest selling in Civilization history, and that it had “sold-in” one million units, which refers to units shipped.

However, the Steam charts paint a different story, and the game is well on the way to cracking the 1.47 million units that spin-off Beyond Earth managed.

It’s still far behind its main predecessor in Civilization V, which has sold more than 8 million copies since its 2010 release. If Civ VI keeps pace, it could very well smash that benchmark.

It seems like it may just do that. Its critical acclaim is generating plenty of buzz, despite it being slightly below Civilization V’s 90 Metacritic score. Fenix Bazaar gave it 9/10, saying:

Civilization VI is a refreshing reminder video game franchises as classic as Sid Meier’s classic turn-based strategy series can keep evolving in complexity while still remaining accessible for players, both returning and new. Combined with its relatively stable launch and a ton of content on offer, it’s easily the best PC game I’ve played in years.

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