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Destiny 2 PvP now a 4v4 outing: Bungie aiming for ‘a feeling of mastery’

Destiny 2 is the talk of the town today following Bungie’s gameplay livestream reveal.

We’ve been waiting for months to see gameplay action from Bungie’s latest, and tonight’s event delivered in droves.

destiny 2 pvp

The gameplay reveal detailed all sorts of juice information about the Destiny 2 experience, including how the game’s new clan system works.

We also have new details on Destiny 2‘s refined PVP mode.

destiny 2 pvp

Destiny 2‘s PVP mode ‘Crucible’ will be scaled back compared to the first game, with Bungie hoping to enhance the “feeling of mastery” for players.

“We’re moving all activities in PvP to 4v4,” said Destiny 2 game director, Luke Smith.

destiny 2 pvp

Destiny, as you may know, supported up to six players in Crucible matches. Bungie says it has “rebuilt [Crucible] … for smaller-team formats.”

“We’ve rethought the crucible with 4v4 for teams. We want to focus on a feeling of mastery in Destiny 2’s PVP,” he said.

destiny 2 pvp

The game HUD has also been reworked for Crucible, with world lead, Steve Cotton, detailing how it will provide information on opponents, and whether their super attack is ready, or if their power weapon is stocked.

That sounds a lot like Overwatch‘s match HUD, with which players can check when an opponent’s Ultimate is ready to be unleashed. I wonder if there’s some collaboration between Bungie and Blizzard beyond support.

destiny 2 pvp

A new mode has also been revealed called “Countdown”.

Countdown is described as Destiny‘s “first ever” attack/defend mode.

For the latest, check out our Destiny 2 wiki.

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