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Overwatch story mode? Blizzard says it ‘sounds great’

Overwatch fans have been well-serviced the past few days, with a new Arcade mode, some Quick Play changes, and a new character being added to the roster. While console players will have to wait while these are tested out on the PTR, we can all expect to enjoy the new additions in the near future.

We should have expected some big announcements, with Blizzard having held its annual BlizzCon event this weekend past. The studio held a Q&A session panel at the gaming extravaganza, hosting a series of questions about Overwatch. Lead designer Geoff Goodman drove the discussion, and interestingly confirmed that the recent Junkenstein’s Revenge — which was a four-player cooperative brawl event during Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror event — was in fact treated as a test for future PvE content.

That’s exciting news for Overwatch fans, because the lore and characters dictate more story-based gameplay modes. A member of the audience put the question to Goodman if we’d ever see a fully-fledged story mode.

“We’re definitely open to it,” he said. “A lot of us previously worked on World of Warcraft and we’re PvE geeks ourselves, so we’d love to do some more PvE content with story and world-building involved; we’ve got to fit it in somewhere.”

Lead writer, Michael Chu, then chimed in, saying he would “love to do more PvE content” and that he thinks it “sounds great!”.

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