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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided praxis kits guide: How to find them to beef up your augs

Praxis Kits are probably the most important thing to find and gain access to in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. Each kit grants you one Praxis Point, which are then used for upgrading or unlocking new augmentations.

You’ll find many kits throughout the world by exploring and completing side quests. You will also be able to purchase Praxis Kits from the LIMB clinics in Detroit and Heng Sha.

So, what are the best methods for finding, earning and using Praxis Kits and Praxis points? Hopefully this guide helps you out!


Deus Ex Mankind Divided praxis kits locations

There are plenty of Praxis Kits hidden throughout the world.

Vaclav Koller

Praxis Kit 1-2: When you first meet Vaclav Koller and you gain access to new experimental augmentations, you’ll be gifted two Praxis Kits to help upgrade your augs.

Praxis Kit 3: A third Praxis Kit is available in Koller’s dungeon: keep a look out for a moveable painting. Behind it you’ll find a vent that leads to a room filled with gas. There’s a safe in the room: open it to find the third Praxis Kit.


Jensen’s Apartment

Praxis Kit 4: Look out for a floor directly behind you once you leave Jensen’s apartment. Look for the apartment that has an eviction noticed on the door. Go inside this apartment, and look for a stash in the flooring, which houses a Praxis Kit.

Praxis Kit 5 and 6: Go to the second floor of the apartment complex. Look for an apartment that is occupied by thugs. Head inside, and buy two Praxis Kits for 10,000 credits each.

Praxis Kit 7: After you confront Allison for the first time in “The Rucker Extraction”, wait until you reach the top of the apartment complex. There is an attic storage area above Allison’s work station. Jump into it using the Klipspringer Jump augmentation to find a Praxis Kit.


The Bank

Praxis Kit 8: Head to the CEO’s room on the top floor. Interact with the sculpture to open the door: raise, turn, raise, turn, turn, raise. There is a level 1 safe inside, which you’ll need to hack to find the Praxis Kit.

Praxis Kit 9: Look for ‘Room B’ within the bank. Head to the first level, and find a safe named “B07”. You’ll need to be a level five hacker to open it. Hack the keypad, or use the lock’s code of 0310 to bypass the lock and get the Praxis Kit inside.


L.I.M.B. Clinic

Head to the clinic’s attic to find a Praxis Kit inside a cardboard box. You’ll need to find a vent on the outside of the clinic to get up there.


Deus Ex Mankind Divided praxis kits purchase and earn guide

There are a few other ways to build up your Praxis Points.

Explore, Explore Explore!

As you play, you’ll notice that your experience bar slowly increases. As you complete quests, hack things, and find hidden areas, the bar will fill. Once it fills completely, you’ll get one Praxis Point. If you explore the game world and move beyond the main story missions, you shouldn’t have any issues quickly building up your Praxis Point wealth. Players that tend to explore and hack a bit more tend to also have beefed up augs.


Smart Vision augment

This is an important augmentation, as it highlights points of interest like hackable terminals, vaults and hidden areas. Simply discovering these areas will help you earn Praxis Points.

Deus Ex GO

To get five Praxis Points, you’ll need to check out this iOS app. Here’s what you need to do in Deus Ex GO:

Finish the story mode = 2 Praxis Points

Finish every level and earn Mastermind status = 1 Praxis Point

Complete a first set of weekly puzzles = 1 Praxis Point

Complete a second set of weekly puzzles = 1 Praxis Point


Found any Praxis Kits that we missed? Have any more tips for quickly earning Praxis Points? Sound off in the comments below!

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