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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – All Codes and Passwords to unlock terminals and doors

In order to unlock security consoles, computers, terminals and some doors in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, you’ll need a password / code. In this guide we’ll show where to find each computer terminal, and the code needed to break in, essentially rendering any hacking skills you have acquired completely obsolete.

Each location in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided has numerous terminals. So that you don’t have to go around searching for each individual code, we’ve done the hard work for you and listed each code here, as well as the location of the terminal.

After you’ve checked this guide out, be sure to check out our other Deus Ex: Mankind Divided guides, including our stealth tips and augmentation guide, our weapons guide, and our praxis kits guide, which will help you beef up your augs. If you have any questions or issues in finding any of the below terminals, or if any of the codes don’t work, be sure to let us know in the comments below.


Deus Ex Mankind Divide codes and terminal locations


(location) Rooftop Level 2 –

  • (terminal) Storage Room: (code) 4801


Penthouse 1B

  • Atrium Door: 0682



33 Hlavni Apartments

  • Mini-Storage: 4227
  • Mini-Storage: 2913
  • Apartment 201: 6864


Allison Complex

  • Floor 4: 0011



  • Cellar Door: 5622


Dvali Restricted Zone (South)

  • Locked Door: 0311


Government Registration Office

  • Laptop: Samithedog
  • Terminal: 6788


Konycky and Hracky

  • Safe: 2489


L.I.M.B. Clinic

  • Locked Door: 4464


Helipad Area

  • Locked Door: 4465


Palisade Property Bank

  • Evan Prybil Security: 0310
  • Account (Checking Out the Men in Charge): 1363
  • VIP Vault (Row 06, Room B): 5545


Palisade Sewer

  • Level 4 Safe: 4863
  • Level 3 Terminal: 1363


Palisade Station

  • Level 3 Room: 0666
  • Mini-Storage: 2565


Poor Apartments (Jensen’s Apartments)

  • Apartment #22: 0310


Svobody Beer Hub

  • Cellar Door: 1015


Tech Noir

  • Storage: 2469


Time Machine

  • Mini-Storage in Alley: 1984


Toy Factory Restricted Zone

  • Safe in Mini-Storage: 2489


Tubehouse Electronics Store

  • Door: 0310


TF29 Headquarters

Shooting Range Office

  • Safe: 2023


IT Support Office

  • Terminal: 5545


Macready’s Office

  • Laptop: Sharp007


Chang’s Office

  • Laptop: Aphasia5689


Black’s Office

  • Laptop: Origami1970


Golem City

ARC Restricted Area

  • Room 350420: Vm451
  • Mini-Storage: 2544


Dr. Martine’s House

  • Safe: 9990


Exterior Area

  • Terminal on Bridge: 3354


Social Hub 3rdFloor

  • Locked Door: 2046
  • Medical Storage: 6123
  • Police Barracks: 2232



Apex Centre

  • VIP Room, 2nd Floor: 2202
  • CSO Office, 7th Floor: 5395

Leroy Mear

Wednesday 11th of January 2017


Use window ledge, laptop password.

Teresa petrauskas - KRODINE.

Safe behind fridge use hack tool.


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