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Deus Ex Mankind Divided stealth tips and augmentation guide

Stealth is an important gameplay feature of the Deus Ex: Mankind Divided experience. While this isn’t a stealth game per say, there are options and certain augmentations for you to favour in order to approach missions and environments in stealthy ways. Further to this, Jensen’s effectiveness when playing stealth can lead to some healthy XP boosts, making it a very lucrative way to play the game.


Stealth Tips For Maximum XP

Keep Jensen’s sounds down to a minimum

As one might expect, being silent and under the cover of darkness is a fairly important trait of the stealth player. To reduce the amount of noise Jensen is making, simply crouch and move slowly to avoid detection. There are some augmentations that reduce the noise Jensen is making, but these can use up valuable power.

The important thing to take note of is the yellow bar around your reticle. If it’s starting to fill up, then slow down and back up from any nearby enemies. If you’re spotted, you’ll hurt any XP bonuses you were trying to earn with a stealth playthrough.

Shut Down Alarms

You want to avoid being spotted in restricted areas, firing non-silence weapons, causing explosion, killing enemies slowly and wounding targets without killing them. All of these things will set off alarms and bring enemies rushing towards you.

Your standard hacking skills will allow you to hack alarm panels that are nearby, but don’t rely on this alone: you shouldn’t need to hack them at all so long as your stealth skills are up to scratch.

Some basic tips to avoid setting off alarms:

  • Always move bodies
  • Ensure all fired weapons have a silencer attached
  • Never use explosives


Go off the beaten path

Finding alternative routes and checkpoints will net you a healthy dose of XP. Generally, most areas shouldn’t have more than 10-15 people, so if you reach an area that has multiple targets (say, 4-5) then immediately start looking for an alternate route. Vents are a good way of avoiding large spaces. Just don’t fire your weapon while in the vent, and be careful when exiting them so as to not be seen jumping out.


Isolate Enemies

This is easier said than done, but doing so will help you nail the stealth element of the experience. Generally what you want to do is target and mark as many enemies in an area as possible before entering. You don’t want to have to fire a weapon, you don’t want enemies to see you, and you don’t want to trigger any alarms. Again, easier said than done.

The trick is normally to time your attacks and using non-lethal takedowns from behind to take out an enemy guard. Be sure that when you do this, the enemy you’re taking out isn’t in the line of sight of another enemy in the distance. This will trigger an alert. What you want to do in this case is try to lure the watching guard to an isolate area so that you can taken them down. Just don’t do it in a way that lures more than one enemy to your spot. Get close enough so that any enemy that hears you will be only within that vicinity.


Stealth Bonuses

Ghost – Complete an area without being directly seen by an enemy.

Smooth Operator – Complete an area without triggering an alarm at any points..

There are some great Trophies/Achievements available to you if you complete the whole game without breaking either of these two requirements.


Deus Ex Mankind Divided stealth augmentations

Stealth-focused augmentations aren’t an absolute necessity, because you can use stealth without having the rely on augs. However, they can make things easier if you’re struggling. These are basics ones that are absolutely necessary and should be purchased as easily as possible, while slowly upgrading them as you play.

Cybernetic Arm Prothesis Augmentations

Punch Through Wall

  • Effect: Break through damaged walls
  • Energy Consumption: Medium


Instant Takedown

  • Effect: Knock out any target
  • Energy Consumption: Medium


Optimised Musculature

  • Effect: Lift and Throw heavy objects
  • Energy Consumption: None


Carry Capacity: 70 KG

  • Effect: Standard inventory size
  • Energy Consumption: None


Carry Capacity: 90 KG

  • Effect: Increased inventory size
  • Energy Consumption: None


Carry Capacity: 110 KG

  • Effect: Maximum inventory size
  • Energy Consumption: None


Cybernetic Leg Prosthesis Augmentations

Klipspringer Jump Mod

  • Effect: Increased jump height
  • Energy Consumption: None


Leg Silencers

  • Effect: Stops noise from your movements
  • Energy Consumption: Medium


Glass-Shield Cloaking Augmentations

Discreet Power Processing

  • Effect: Initiates invisibility
  • Energy Consumption: High


Improved Cloaking Energy Use

  • Effect: Lowers energy use of invisibility
  • Energy Consumption: Medium


Optimized Cloaking Energy Use

  • Effect: Lowest level of energy use for invisibility
  • Energy Consumption: Low


Cloaked Takedown Support

  • Effect: Stay invisible during takedowns
  • Energy Consumption: Low


Hacking Capture Augmentations

Hacking Capture Level 2

  • Effect: Get through level 2 electornic systems
  • Energy Consumption: None


Hacking Capture Level 3

  • Effect: Get through level 3 electornic systems
  • Energy Consumption: None


Hacking Capture Level 4

  • Effect:Get through level 4 electornic systems
  • Energy Consumption: None


Hacking Capture Level 5

  • Effect:Get through level 5 electornic systems
  • Energy Consumption: None
  • Tip: If you’re pursuing the Ghost and Smooth Operator bonuses, then this is the level you need to aim for.


Camera Domination

  • Effect: Take control or disable cameras
  • Energy Consumption: None


Turret Domination

  • Effect:Take control or disable turrets
  • Energy Consumption: None


Robot Domination

  • Effect:Take control or disable robots
  • Energy Consumption: None


Remote Hacking Augmentations

Environmental Domination

  • Effect: Allows you to locate and hack non-security points
  • Energy Consumption: Low


Security Domination

  • Effect: Allows you to locate and hack security points
  • Energy Consumption: Low


Sarif Series 8 Energy Converter Augmentations

Cautious Recharge Rate

  • Effect: Standard speed for eneregy restoration
  • Energy Consumption: None


Efficient Recharge Rate

  • Effect: Increases speed of energy restoration
  • Energy Consumption: None


Peak Recharge Rate

  • Effect: Increases speed for energy restoration to maximum
  • Energy Consumption: None


Standard Capacity Biocells

  • Effect: Standard energy levels
  • Energy Consumption: None


Enhanced Capacity Biocells

  • Effect: Improves maximum energy levels
  • Energy Consumption: None


Ultra-Capacity Biocells

  • Effect: Complete maximum energy levels
  • Energy Consumption: None


Safe Recharge Delay

  • Effect: Default delay before energy recharge
  • Energy Consumption: None


Moderate Recharge Delay

  • Effect: Reduces energy recharge delay
  • Energy Consumption: None


Quick Recharge Delay

  • Effect: Reduces energy recharge delay
  • Energy Consumption: None


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