Xbox One Spring Update: Insiders get early taste of FreeSync support and Auto Low Latency Mode, 1440p support

Great new features come to Xbox One Insiders ahead of the anticipated Spring Update.

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The Xbox One is blossoming, but is it time for Sony to panic?

With the release of the PS4 Pro and PlayStation VR, Sony could very well sell as many units leading into the busy Christmas period as Microsoft did Xbox One consoles in the past four months. Doubtful, but possible. The challenge, however, is that for as appealing and impressive as the PS4 Pro supposedly is, it’s still competing against an Xbox One console that is only now starting to blossom, entering into its fourth year on the market.

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Xbox One S – Everything You Need To Know

The Xbox One will get its first redesign when the Xbox One S launches on August 2 across Australia and the rest of the world. Heading into the sleek redesign’s release, here’s a breakdown of the basics.

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Xbox One S Australian release date and pricing confirmed

We finally have an Xbox One S Australian release date and price.

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Microsoft’s console strategy could make it tough for Xbox
Microsoft’s console strategy out of E3 2016 has prompted fierce debate about the company’s future in gaming, and how it plans to transition into the “next generation” after a disappointing commercial performance by Xbox One. It’s strategy for that console, which is currently stretched out between a redesigned “slim” console,... Read more
The Xbox One S makes perfect sense if you’re ‘outside the Xbox family’
I’ve been as baffled as anyone as to Microsoft’s decision to announce the Xbox Scorpio during the same event that it announced the Xbox One S, but if you dig a little deeper you can find a philosophy hellbent on attracting newcomers to the Xbox family. The response has been... Read more