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NBA 2K22 Stephen Curry Build

NBA 2K22 has landed on next gen consoles, with Xbox Series X, Series S and PS5 owners now balling in the latest entry of the famed franchise. We’ve already spent quite a bit of time playing through the MyPlayer Builder, testing out our creation credentials with the Best Builds in the game, and have also refined a LeBron James build. Now let’s put together a Stephen Curry build for NBA 2K22.

nba 2k22 stephen curry build

Starting things off, let’s take a look at Curry’s bodybuild.

  • Height: 6″3
  • Weight: 190
  • Wingspan: We’re going with 6’3″ wingspan here because we don’t want him to lose too much in the shooting attributes. He’s not a slasher, he’s a shooter.
nba 2k22 myplayer builder

When we look at Curry’s actual build, we see he’s a 2-Way Threat, with high proficiencies in 3PT Scoring, Inside Scoring, and Mid-Range Scoring. This tells us that we’re going to want a high spread of badges in the Scoring and potentially Playmaking fields for our player.

nba 2k22 steph curry build

Curry’s actual badge distribution lands on Shooting and Playmaking as the priority badge weighting, so we’ll target that with our player. Noting down Curry’s attributes will also help in ensuring we effectively distribute attribute points correctly.

nba 2k22 stephen curry build

This is how we distribute our attributes for our NBA 2K22 Stephen Curry build, and we end up with the same high distribution of badges across Shooting and Playmaking.

nba 2k22 stephen curry build

For our Takeovers, we want to select “Limitless Range” and “Shot-Up Precision”. This then lands us on an “Offensive Threat” player, with shades of Steve Nash, Stephen Curry, and Trae Young.

nba 2k22 stephen curry build
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