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NBA 2K22 gameplay reveal: Our first look at in-game action

After a suspiciously long wait outrageously close to its September 10 release date, we now finally have our first look at in-game NBA 2K22 gameplay on Xbox Series X.

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding the release of NBA 2K22 given it’s the second release of the famed basketball franchise on the new generation of consoles. However, with the game’s release date closing in, information and actual in-game footage was sparse, but we now finally have our first in-game look at NBA 2K22 in action.

The trailer was initially leaked online mere hours before it was released officially on the 2K Sports YouTube page, but the timing truly couldn’t have been better as we get closer to its official launch on September 10.

There’s a lot to look forward to from a features and modes perspective in NBA 2K22. Its WNBA mode, The W, looks to introduce a host of new changes, including a revamped badges and progression system.

nba 2k22 gameplay

NBA 2K22 will also offer up a revamp of one of its key modes, with Seasons set to expand beyond MyTEAM and into MyCareer and The W, too. With new content being promised and the ability to earn additional rewards for no additional costs, new Seasons will be arriving every six weeks. Read more about NBA 2K22 Seasons here.

Finally, NBA 2K22 is set for revamped MyCAREER and City modes, with both set for a host of new and exciting changes.

nba 2k22 gameplay

MyCareer is the bread-and-butter of the NBA 2K experience, and Visual Concepts is openly working to continue improving the experience as we close in on the September 10 release of NBA 2K22.

While the MyPLAYER Builder is the talk of the town at the launch of any NBA 2K game, it’s the single-player story-based mode that tends to get the most amount of love in the first few weeks. NBA 2K22 will certainly be no different, especially considering this year’s game stands to be the first truely unique experience for Xbox Series X and PS5.

nba 2k22 gameplay

2K Sports has lifted the lid off a host of new gameplay features for NBA 2K22, including what gamers can expect when it comes to The City and MyCareer, and how the two modes tie into one another. Read more about MyCareer changes in NBA 2K22 here.

NBA 2K22 launches September 10. What are your thoughts on the gameplay trailer? Sound off in the comments below!

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