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NBA 2K22 Seasons detailed, now available in MyCAREER and MyTEAM

NBA 2K22 will offer up a revamp of one of its key modes, with Seasons set to expand beyond MyTEAM and into MyCareer and The W, too.

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With new content being promised and the ability to earn additional rewards for no additional costs, new Seasons will be arriving every six weeks.

nba 2k22 seasons

New music will be introduced via an initiative called “First Fridays”, alongside an all-new partnership with some of the world’s most recognisable artists and brands, including Def Jam Recording and Warner Records.

Seasons first appeared in NBA 2K21, and provided players with a new way to level up and earn rewards within MyTEAM. The expansion in NBA 2K22 looks to further expand your earning capacity within the game, opening the door to more new content and rewards across more modes.

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Rewards will be refreshed every six weeks, with integration into both The City (Xbox Series X and Series S) and the Neighbourhood (Xbox One).

nba 2k22 seasons

In MyCAREER, you’ll earn highly coveted rewards such as apparel, new banners for your MyPLAYER, and a new Grand Prize each season.

In Season 1, Go-Karts in the City and Neighbourhood will be the first Grand Prize.

We’re thrilled to introduce Go-Karts as a fun way to cruise and adventure through unexplored regions, and will be available once you’ve reached Level 40. In addition, Inline Skates can be used as a mode of transportation once you crack the Level 30 threshold.

Both rewards are available to you once you’ve met the level requirements. Each Season, a new Grand Prize will be refreshed and become redeemable, it’s just a matter of whether you reach the finish line.

nba 2k22 seasons

There will also be some changes to the natural progression of your player in MyPLAYER:

“To become a Legend in NBA 2K22, you’ll need to reach Level 40 in four different Seasons. Now, that doesn’t mean you have to do it consecutively, but to become an all-time great, you must put in the work to earn bragging rights.”

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Seasons in MyTEAM seems to be an expansion of what was on offer last year, with a host of new rewards from Season & Lifetime Agenda Groups.

“Unlock the next level in your journey to Level 40 in every mode in MyTEAM: Domination, Triple Threat, Limited, Unlimited, Draft, and more! Every Season in MyTEAM brings new Challenges & Events, with an all-new fast-paced mode coming this holiday. To start building your dream team in the best way possible, climb to the top of Season 1 to earn Pink Diamond Carmelo ‘King of New York’ Anthony!”

nba 2k22 seasons

With the introduction of The W in NBA 2K21, it’s only natural that there should be further expansion and integration for that mode.

“Go toe-to-toe with opposing MyPLAYERs online and earn new rewards, such as VC, clothing bundles, badges, nail polish, and more in NBA 2K22. Rewards will be updated and refreshed at the start of every new Season, so continue climbing tiers and collect them all.

Season 1 of NBA 2K22 will be filled with new ways to explore the City and the Neighbourhood, popular tracks and hits, fresh apparel drops, and more throughout the year. We can’t wait for you to level up using XP and earn rewards on your way to becoming a Legend. You can experience it all starting September 10.”

It’s worth highlighting that The W mode won’t be available on the Xbox One mode.

NBA 2K22 launches September 10 on Xbox Series X and Series S.

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