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Xbox Cloud Gaming console launch set for late 2021

This is the big one, the one many Xbox gamers have long been waiting for. Announced during the Xbox gamescom 2021 showcase, Xbox Cloud Gaming console support is now locked in for a Holiday 2021 launch.

Xbox Cloud Gaming has had a relatively successful launch across mobile and PC platforms, fundamentally changing the gaming landscape as we move towards a digital-only world.

Xbox Showcase at Gamescom 2021

xbox cloud gaming console

One big question has always persisted, however: when is Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to console? Well, we now know when, and it’ll be just in time for the busy Holiday period.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users will have access to Xbox Cloud Gaming on console from holiday 2021, and it’ll work just as it does now on mobile: simply select the support game you want to play via the Game Pass app on your console, and play it at targeted performance of up to 1080p and 60fps.

xbox cloud gaming console

Fascinatingly, and a big one for Xbox One owners yet to make the move to the current generation, Xbox Series X and Series S will be fully playable on Xbox One, such is the nature of cloud gaming and the fact the hardware isn’t what matters, but rather the connection delivery the game.

“Bottom line? Cloud gaming on your console further reduces your time to fun! All you have to do is navigate to Xbox Game Pass and look for games with the cloud icon.

We’ll begin testing the experience as part of our Xbox Insider program this fall, so that we can gather valuable feedback and improve the experience.”

This is absolutely huge news for Xbox gamers and the wider gaming community.

What are your thoughts on Xbox Cloud Gaming coming to console? Sound off in the comments below!


Wednesday 25th of August 2021

good luck getting this to work on ozzie internet


Wednesday 25th of August 2021

Its only for certain compatible games tho rite

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