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Modern Warfare 4 teased by former Infinity Ward stalwart

The teases keep coming, the rumours keep flowing, and the chatter is ramping up: 2019 seems destined to see a return to the Modern Warfare series.

It’s hard not to get excited about everything we’ve seen thus far pointing to a Modern Warfare 4 release: leaks pointing to a June 4 reveal, NFL players hinting at it during streams, and rumours of a return of pro perks have older Call of Duty fans giddy at the prospect of Infinity Ward going back to its roots.

Call of Duty 2019: Modern Warfare 4 trailer set for late June or E3

While we still have a weeks until an official reveal, and months until its release, many seem convinced that Call of Duty 2019 will be Modern Warfare 4, and the latest news doing the rounds only further solidifies those expectations.

Former Infinity Ward stalwart, Robert Bowling, who was an iconic figure at Infinity Ward during the peak of the Modern Warfare years, has been rather vocal about this year’s Call of Duty, which is unsurprising given Bowling seems to have a nostalgic love for the studio.

modern warfare 4

Most recently, he’s posted a few tweets that point to this year’s Call of Duty game being Modern Warfare 4.

His first Tweet offers a photo of Captain Price, Sandman, Soap, and Ghost, protagonists from Modern Warfare 2. There’s a date — October 10, 2013 — which has prompted some to argue it could point to Ghosts 2, but industry insiders have been adamant that Call of Duty 2019 won’t be a sequel to 2013’s underrated Call of Duty: Ghosts. There’s another date included in the Tweet: October 10, 2019.

The second Tweet takes us back to Modern Warfare 2, and its mission Loose Ends. It’s a heavily edited clip with little context, but Ghost’s iconic skeleton balaclava is there for all to see.

Make of all of this what you will, but all signs continually point to Modern Warfare 4 being Call of Duty 2019.

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