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Modern Warfare 4 could see return of Pro Perks

With an official unveiling of Call of Duty 2019 bound to happen in the coming weeks, if not days, the rumours and leaks are coming thick and fast, with much of the chatter centred around the possibility of the year’s entry being Modern Warfare 4.

If Call of Duty 2019 does turn out to be Modern Warfare 4, it would stand to be a celebration of developer Infinity Ward’s past, with older Call of Duty fans hopeful of a return to the series’ roots.

Modern Warfare 4: Why We Want It, And What We Know So Far

One such way it could turn back the clock in the hope of reigniting interest in the Call of Duty franchise is the return of Pro Perks, and the latest leaks about Modern Warfare 4 point to the popular gameplay feature returning in Call of Duty 2019.

By way of Gaming Intel, sources claim Modern Warfare 4 — if it does in fact exist, and all signs point to it being this year’s Call of Duty game — will see the return of Pro Perks.

modern warfare 4

This is a huge development, because many older Call of Duty fans claim that the franchise has lost some of its quality since Pro Perks were slowly phased out. Pro Perks were a key component of the Modern Warfare series, particularly MW2 and MW3, and to a lesser extent in Black Ops.

They allowed players to “level up” their chosen perks by completing set objectives, which, once achieved, would allow them to activate the “Pro” version of the perk, thus unlocking an additional skill.

modern warfare 4

My favourite Perk was Hardline, as it granted killstreaks faster (either one less kill, or one less scorestreak). This meant a UAV, for example, could be unlocked with two kills, rather than three. The Pro Hardline perk was unlocked once 40 killstreaks were unlocked with this Perk activated, and, once used, would additionally decrease the number of deaths for a deathstreak to activate.

Pro Perks would certainly be one of the key ways Infinity Ward could bring Call of Duty 2019 / Modern Warfare 4 back to its roots. We should have confirmation on this year’s Call of Duty entry in the coming days.

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