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Blizzard plans to bring back past Overwatch events with ‘some changes’

Blizzard held a secret Overwatch event in NYC overnight, announcing the much-hyped Anniversary Event, a new Game of the Year Edition that comes with a stack of loot, as well as a free weekend to ring in the one-year celebration.

Some interesting tidbits about future plans for Overwatch have also come out of the event.

Dennis Duhamel, who goes by the handle Force Gaming on YouTube, attended the event and got a chance to sit down with game director, Jeff Kaplan, to talk everything Overwatch.

If you’re one to resent the fact you can never land older skins from past events, you may be given another opportunity. Kaplan has in the past mentioned that there were plans to host annual events for the Summer Games, which last year introduced players to the fantastic Lucioball.

A similar approach could apply to all past events if Duhamel’s comments are to be believed.

“Jeff said they do plan to repeat all prior seasonal events, mostly the same, some changes / new things added to the mix. Good to know,” Duhamel said on Twitter.

The Overwatch community was intrigued by a Mei skin during the Uprising event, which saw the defence character donning a Summer Games-themed t-shirt.

This prompted fans to reach out to Kaplan and the team, and that’s when he confirmed there were plans to bring back old events in one form or another.

Also announced out of the NYC event was the Anniversary Event, which will start next week on May 23.

Also coming alongside the Anniversary Event is an Overwatch Game of the Year Edition, something that also leaked this week ahead of the initial reveal.

The Overwatch team also unleashed a “Year in Review” video, which you can watch below.

To celebrate the Anniversary Event and the release of the Game of the Year Edition, Blizzard will also be hosting a free weekend from May 26 until May 29. During that time, Overwatch will be free to download and play on all platforms.

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Wednesday 24th of May 2017

[…] Fight, and it feels like a missed opportunity. Kaplan and his merry band of developers do plan on bringing back past events to the game, but that’s not really a reason not to re-release game modes. If a new game mode rotated out […]

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