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As Uprising comes to an end, what’s next for Overwatch?

Today is your last chance to try out Overwatch‘s Uprising event and get your hands on some pretty awesome themed loot. The event was said to finish up on May 1, but Blizzard has currently scheduled in maintenance for 7am PST on May 2 (around 12am May 3 AEST), so that’s when we can expect the event to finish up.

There are more than 100 lot box items ready to be unlocked throughout the event, so while it’s unlikely you’ll be able to get them all before Uprising finishes up for good, you can still blast through the difficulties to get your hands on some of the skins and sprays.

overwatch uprising

If you need some help getting through Uprising on Legendary difficulty, check out our Uprising Legendary guide.

So what’s next for Overwatch once Uprising finishes up? Well, we know that Blizzard definitely has more events up its sleeve. Just what those are we don’t know. We’ve been fairly well serviced over the past five months with the Christmas, Lunar New Year and Uprising events.

Blizzard says that at least six new maps will be added to Overwatch in 2017, and the studio has also voiced interest in offering a constant stream of events.

All of the events we’ve seen so far have been themed in some way. Uprising was the first and only true lore-based event, although Junkenstein’s Revenge blended lore with Halloween-themed content.

The recent addition of Orisa made all the more sense once the Uprising event went live, even if she wasn’t one of the default heroes. If Blizzard wants to really strengthen Overwatch‘s lore, it could dive a little deeper into the Omnic crisis. The constant chatter about Doomfist would only make such an effort all the more entertaining.

I’m not sure another Omnic crisis-themed event would come soon, though, as it would seem too similar to Uprising.

Recent revelations of a possible space-based moon map, heavily themed and based around Winston’s backstory, suggest we could be space-bound in the near future. Could the next event be set on the moon? That would be truly great.

Don’t forget to check out Uprising before the event ends in the coming hours, and tell us below what sort of event you would like to see next in Overwatch.

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