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Overwatch Uprising Legendary guide: Tips to help you shred Omnics

Overwatch‘s latest PVE event, Uprising, is a wave/payload hybrid that challenges players on the King’s Row map.

Having just launched, the Overwatch community is already hard at work at trying to refine the strategy for the event and blast through it on Legendary difficulty.

That is no easy task and few people have done it so far, but this guide should definitely help you on your way towards shredding through those pesky Omnics.

Ideal Team Composition

Playing with the standard Tracer-Torbjorn-Mercy-Reinhardt stack can prove to be increasingly difficult the further you get into the map.

The three of Reinhardt, Torbjorn and Mercy work really well together, but Tracer simply isn’t powerful enough in later stages to be of much use to the team.

The final stage in the warehouse is particularly challenging with this composition, because the Orisa bots can easily shred through Tracer.

It’s much easy to jump into the alternative Uprising mode that allows you to play with any hero makeup.

In that case, your team isn’t going to change all that much: all you’re going to do is swap out the Tracer for a Bastion.


  • Should protect Bastion at all times
  • Only use Ultimate on enemy Bastions
  • Avoid leaving Bastion unless when using ult.


  • Needs to find a balance between healing and damage boosting Bastion
  • Save Ultimate for when there are two teammates down


  • Must act as a secondary turret, not as primary
  • Place the turret in a position that cuts off flanking enemies
  • Save Ultimate for end of wave


  • Central positioning is key to ensure all major chokepoints are covered
  • Save Ultimate for end of wave
  • Remain stationary and behind Reinhardt shield during Ultimate

Legendary Walkthrough

First Section

This section shouldn’t prove too difficult. Stay inside, set up shop with the Bastion in one corner, and the Torbjorn in the other, preferably covering the back entrance coming from the roof.

Second Section

As you move into the next capture point, take out the single large Omnic as quickly as possible. Once that’s done, set the Bastion up centrally on the platform under the statue, looking through the gateway towards the back of the bus.

The Torbjorn turret should be set up to the left of the doorway of the Alderworth Hotel. That way it can take out any Omnics coming from the opposite end, and any coming from within the Hotel lobby or from behind the statue.

The key here is to take out as many enemies as possible. Using Reinhardt to protect Bastion here, and Mercy should be damage boosting Bastion.

Third Section

Just before you move into the building for the third and final capture point, take out the small wave. Do this from a distance because it’s easy to get caught up and killed here.

Once inside, set the Torbjorn turret on the steps right at the back of the room. This will allow it to cover Omnics coming from the opposite stairs from the roof, and any coming from the basement area.

Set Bastion up centrally, as the bigger and more powerful Omnics tend to coming through the main central front doors.

When the shielded Omnics come through, take out any non-shielded Omnics first, as quickly as possible. They pack plenty of punch and you don’t want to get caught up in that.

With good set-up and composition here, you should be okay.

Payload Startup

This is arguably the toughest point in the game. There are multiple waves here, increasingly tough.

Set the Bastion up directly on the payload. Looking out from Bastion’s viewpoint, set Torbjorn’s turret up to the right of the payload, behind the little pillar. This will allow it and Torbjorn to take care of the little laser Omnics that shred into the payload.

There are three really tough enemies here: the shielded Omnics, the giant exploding orbs, and the Bastions.

With the shielded Omnics, same goes with the last section: take out the little ones around it first, and then focus fire on it. A Bastion should easily be able to shred through the shield and Omnic with Mercy’s power boost.

The exploding orb attempt to blow up next to the payload, dealing around 20 damage. It’s not significant, but it can make or break your final push into the warehouse. Once again, a Bastion should shred through it in a matter of seconds with Mercy’s damage boost.

Finally, the Bastions. The first one will appear from the right. Once it does, everyone should quickly focus fire on it. Reinhardt should use the ultimate at this point and charge it. Take them out as soon as possible, as they have powerful shields and can shred through your team, ending things very quickly.


Once you’ve got the payload moving, set the Bastion up on the payload. You can either move ahead with the Torbjorn to set up the turret, or place it behind Bastion on the payload.

I personally prefer the latter, as it takes out the laser Omnics, which can come out of nowhere while the rest of the team focuses fire on the front.

This area shouldn’t cause too much trouble as you move towards the warehouse. Once you approach the front doors, however, there will be a final rush.


Once you break through the door into the warehouse, immediately set off Torbjorn’s and Bastion’s ultimates. You want to take out the first Orissa as quickly as possible.

Don’t move too far into the warehouse, as there’s a Bastion set up immediately to the right. Jump up to the platform and take it out from a distance.

This whole area really is a battle between Bastion and the Omnics, as he’s going to be the only one that can cause real damage. It dictates precise strategy between the Mercy, Reinhardt and Bastion.

The Torbjorn is the wildcard here, and turret place is super important. It can finish off enemies and cause havoc for your team.

Watch out for Bastions, because they are well hidden and can shred through the team quickly. Take them out promptly, and always keep a good distance from the Orisas.

General Tips

  • Work together and stay close to the primary objective.
  • Don’t attempt to take on hoards of Omnics by yourself. This is asking for trouble.
  • When playing as Torbjorn, drop armor as frequently as possible.
  • When playing as Mercy, know when you shift between health and damage boosts.
  • When playing as Reinhardt, cover Bastion and Torbjorn.
  • Take out the smaller enemies before focusing fire on larger ones.

Have any tips for Uprising players? Sound off in the comments below!

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