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GTA Network, a standalone multiplayer mod for GTA V, has entered closed beta

Grand Theft Auto V is still a crazy popular game. Some three years after its initial release, it’s still one of gaming’s most in-demand titles.

Part (or all) of the reason for that is because of GTA Online, and to a lesser extent the mod community, which, as one might expect, is thriving and growing on PC.

gta network

Rockstar continues to churn out paid and free content for the online component, and the publisher has done a fine job of making us forget the fact we haven’t received single-player DLC yet … actually, we haven’t forgotten, we just all seem too preoccupied with joining biker factions and riding around on crazy neon bikes.

Safe to say the community is thriving, but it could yet reach epic proportions with the release of GTA Network.

GTA Network is a standalone multiplayer modification for GTA V, which will allow players to host their own private servers with custom game modes.

gta network

It’s from the same team that brought us San Andreas Multiplayer, which in the same sense is a custom-made multiplayer add-on that, while not official, is still crazy popular among GTA diehards.

The GTA Network service provides hosts with a range of tools to have complete and utter control over their server, promising to offer an experience where “the possibilities are endless!”

gta network

With the folks behind the project having worked on it for so long, and while it’s only just entered closed beta, it’s well on its way to being openly available for everyone to go crazy with.

The GTA Network team is looking for select server developers who will be granted access to the client and server files, before the server client is available to everyone in two weeks time.

Ideally, the beta aims to provide independent developers the opportunity to craft their own game modes so that it’s all ready and raring to go when it (un)officially launches.

gta network

Once this officially launches for GTA V, expect to see the game shoot back up the charts on PC. San Andreas, which mind you is 12 years old, is still an extremely popular game due to its two custom-made multiplayer modes. There’s Multi Theft Auto, which reportedly still has around 500,000 active players, while SA-MP averages between 30,000 and 40,000 players.

If you ever do get a chance to jump into either of those mods, make sure you take it up before GTA Network hits, because it’s just too much fun an opportunity to pass up on.

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