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GTA Online: Bikers updates adds two new bikes, bonuses and discounts

The first update for the newly-released GTA Online: Bikers introduces two new vehicles — the BF Raptor, and the Western Daemon Custom motorcycles — and a sixth purchased property slot.

If you happen to own more than 50 cars, the sixth property slot will afford you the flexibility to store them. Combined with the Clubhouse, which was introduced in the base GTA Online: Bikers launch, you can now store up to 70 different vehicles across your properties.

The new vehicles added to the game each cost in excess of $100,000, with the Western Daemon Custom coming in at $145,000 from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos store, and the BF Raptor costing $648,000 from Legendary Motorsports.

There’s a stack of discounts across the board as well.

  • Los Santos Customs – 25% discount on Resprays, Tire Smoke, Rims, and Turbos.
  • Ammu-Nation – 25% discount on Bullet Ammo, Weapon Tints, Body Armor, Throwables, and Drum & Box Magazines.
  • Lester’s and Merryweather – Abilities are 50% off.

Also coming in this update are new in-game bonuses, which will run until October 24. If you log in during this period, you’ll get an in-game Western logo hoodie, free of charge. You’ll also get a payout of double in both GTA$ and RP in the Slipstream Adversary mode, which was first introduced in GTA Online: Bikers. Some playlists also have double payouts in some Stunt Races.

The “Forest Stunt Race” is the week’s Premium Stunt Race, which runs from October 11 until October 17. Then, from October 18 until October 24 is the Super-class Stunt Race, the “Double Loop”. Head to the yellow blimp at Legion Square and have $20,000 for the buy-in to get involved.

There are also Shark Cards offering cash-back bonuses, right up until October 17.

  • Bull Shark – 15% money back (GTA$75,000)
  • Great White Shark – 30% money back (GTA$375,000)
  • Whale Shark – 35% money back (GTA$1,225,000)
  • Megalodon Shark – 50% money back (GTA$4,000,000


Saturday 15th of October 2016

So more bikes were added as well as the bikes added with the biker update?

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