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Overwatch Christmas event incoming

Following on from a successful Halloween eventOverwatch appears to be readying the roster for a bout of Christmas cheer.

Some fans over on Reddit have discovered a Christmas version of the theme song hidden within Overwatch‘s files, and it appears to be part of a larger Festive-themed event planned for the Holiday season.

The gaming world is strangely silent during the Christmas period, while Christmas-themed films tend to bring the family together at the same time every year. However, recent years have seen growing interest in Festive events, such as GTA Online‘s Christmas-themed events, and even the likes of Saints Row and Animal Crossing getting into the spirit.

With the addition of the recent Antarctica map, it seems obvious that some Festive fun is on the way for Overwatch. Some nice character skins, and lootboxes, perhaps?

What’s more, an Overwatch Christmas event may open the door for more story-based modes, as we got with the Halloween event last month.

Fingers crossed!

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