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Blizzard planning more 1v1 modes for Overwatch

Overwatch has received an insane update recently, adding a new Arcade Mode, new character and some subtle changes changes to Quick Play.

The Arcade Mode introduces perhaps the most in terms of change and refinement, offering up a nice blend of the best Weekly Brawl match types, as well as randomised 1v1 matches and team deathmatch-like modes.

While it’s been met mostly positively by the Overwatch community, the random nature of the Mystery Duel 1v1 mode has players asking for a more personable, customised mode. Thankfully, Blizzard has a bit up its sleeve when it comes to 1v1 battles.

“We have lots of ideas for other 1v1 modes. Mystery Duel was just the first expression of what we want to try in the 1v1 space,” game director Jeff Kaplan said on the forums. “Also, eventually in Custom Game you’ll be able to do a 1v1 with your friends where you can select the hero pool (meaning the available pool of random heroes that Mystery Duel chooses from). This is a feature we’re actively working on right now.”

That’s good news, because as it stands the 1v1 mode can be a frustrating blend of balance and unfair advantage. The character roster is far too unique and varied to really accomodate a mode like this. However, it encourages players to become more accustomed to playing with other characters, and so it might actually lead to a better overall community.

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