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Overwatch Sombra hacking guide: How her abilities work against other characters

The latest Overwatch update brings with it a host of new changes. The new Arcade Mode replaces the Weekly Brawls, and its introduction has led to a pretty major change to Quick Play.

There’s also a new map, and, excitingly, a new character called Sombra. For a deeper breakdown of what to expect in the update, check out our Overwatch Update 1.5 rundown.

Sombra brings with her a number of unique gameplay abilities and powers, and in this article we’ll run through how her Hack and EMP abilities affect other characters. Some characters are completely vulnerable to her, while others can handle her Hack and EMP a little more efficiently.

Here’s how Sombra’s abilities work against the other characters of Overwatch.


All of her abilities can be disabled by Hack or EMP, except for Nano Boost, which is invulnerable to both



All except for Bastion ultimate will be disabled by Hack or EMP. Hacking Bastion while he/she is in Sentry mode will force a revert back to Recon mode.



D.Va’s boosters can be hacked while in use, forcing an engine failure. All other abilities can be disabled, except for both the Call Mech and Self-Destruct ultimates.



Both Genji’s Dash and Deflect can be disabled. However, his Dragonblade ultimate is invulnerable.



Ultimate can’t be negated by Hack or EMP, but both Scatter Arrows and Sonic Arrows are.



Junkrat’s mine is disable during hack, even if it’s already been cast. The Rip Tire, once activated, can’t be stopped. However, it can be destroyed if he’s hacked while he’s winding it up and before he lets it go. This will also eliminate his ultimate charge.



Lucio’s ultimate can be negated by EMP, but not by Hack. His crossfade is taken out of action by both. Activating the EMP after Lucio initiates his Sound Barrier will destroy any barrier shields activated around enemy players.



McCree’s Deadeye can be stopped by Hack and EMP, while other abilities are fully disabled.



Cryo-Freeze can’t be stopped by either ability, but her other abilities can be disables. Mei can block a hack-in-process by using Ice Block.



Resurrect can’t be stopped, but her other abilities (healing and power boost) can be disabled temporarily.



Her Jump Jet and Thrusters are invulnerable, but her Barrage can be stopped by both Hack and EMP. Concussive Black is also disabled.



Reaper’s devastating Dead Blossom can be stopped by both abilities, while abilities are disabled. Wraith Form makes him immune to hacking.



Earthshatter can’t be stopped, but all other abilities can be. His shield can’t be hacked, however.



His ultimate can be stopped by both Hack and EMP, while all other abilities are disabled. His healing can also be stopped by being hacked.


Soldier 76

Tactical Visor can’t be stopped, but all other abilities will be disabled.



Sombra’s hack won’t stop another Sombra’s ultimate, but her other abilities can be disabled.



A teleporter can’t be destroyed, and her turrets can’t be hacked or EMP’d. All other abilities are disabled.



Level 3 turret can be reverted when Hacked or EMP’d, however, his ultimately generally his affected. He can’t drop armor or create Turrets while being hacked or EMP’d. Turrets can be hacked, but already-dropped Armor Packs can’t be destroyed.



Her Pulse Bomb ultimately can’t be affected. However, she won’t be able to Blink or Recall during a Hack or EMP.



The wallhack ultimate can’t be stopped, but her Grappling Hook and Venom Mine are both vulnerable.



His ultimate can’t be stopped, but the EMP will destroy his shield.



Her ultimate is invulnerable, while a barrier around her while being hacked will break the hack. EMP can disable Particle Barriers.



Ultimate can’t be hacked, but all other abilities are disabled.

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