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Overwatch voice actors hanging out at Blizzard get the animated treatment

Overwatch has officially reached juggernaut levels of popularity. When you’re looking at a player base of 20 million, you’re doing something right.

Constantly updating and improving the experience probably helps. The latest updates adds a new character, new maps, the new Arcade Mode, and plenty of balancing.

Part of what makes Overwatch so great is the fact that it blends super accessible gameplay, tight team-based mechanics, and smooth visuals. It also has a fascinating lore and a ridiculously diverse character roster, which is only going to continue to grow.

Those characters are made so memorable and loveable by the voice actors that define them, and to see them strut their stuff in real life is mind blowing to say the least.

Jonny Cruz, the actor behind the voice of Lúcio, treated Overwatch fans to an overload of actor sneak-peaks, and now that same clip has been animated and, well, it’s better than the original! Check it out below.


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