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Overwatch reaches 20 million player milestone

Overwatch is one of the year’s best, and now it’s one of the most played games of all time.

Blizzard’s team-based shooter has cracked the 20 million player milestone, quite the achievement considering the number of blockbuster games released since Overwatch’s May launch.

Most impressive about Overwatch’s achievement is that it’s a premium-priced game, and despite being multiplayer-only, it’s managed to burst through the sales ceiling to do what so many other triple-A games sweat about.

For a game of this type, you’d normally expect it to be free-to-play to even contemplate 20 million players. But, to Blizzard’s credit, they’ve done it with Overwatch, and deservedly so.

Can Overwatch crack the 30-million mark? Blizzard still has plenty of content to come the way of the game, and we’ll probably get expansion packs, more maps and characters, and probably some new modes, too.

It was a game so far removed from anything else that Blizzard has done, and yet they’ve managed to absolutely smash it out of the ballpark, so kudos to them!

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