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Watch Dogs 2 Trophies And Achievements Completion Guide

Watch Dogs 2 has proven to be one of the year’s best games, and certainly a massive improvement over its predecessor.

It’s a much stronger open-world hacking sandbox experience than the first. While not to the same level as Assassin’s Creed 2, which accomplished much for its similarly divisive first entry, this game’s more varied mission structure and lighter-hearted tone elevates it to a must play this holiday. Marcus Holloway and the San Francisco DeadSec crew are genuinely fun to watch and interact with, and combined with a more interesting main villain and solid side-activities, Watch Dogs 2 is a nice surprise to cap off the end of a year full of disappointing ‘triple AAA’ efforts, even with a few A.I. disappointments and some wonky driving mechanics. Read more from our review.

If you’ve delving into Watch Dogs 2‘s virtual interpretation of San Francisco, be sure to check out our Unique Vehicle location guide, Money Bag location guide, and Key Data research guide.

In this guide, we’ll take you through each and every Achievement and Trophy in the game, and how to unlock them.

Watch Dogs 2 Achievements/Trophies

Trophy/Achievement: Who Am I

How To Unlock: Erase your past identity in the Blume servers

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Put Your Damn Pants On

How To Unlock: Buy some pants after the party

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Menace

How To Unlock: Buy a two handed weapon at the 3D printer

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/15


Trophy/Achievement: In Style

How To Unlock: Buy the Gatorfeet Whine Country footwear

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/20


Trophy/Achievement: DedSec-A-Roni

How To Unlock: Ride a cable car

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Only God Can Judge Me

How To Unlock: Buy a shirt in the Nudle vending machine

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Doggyland

How To Unlock: Pet 10 dogs

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Photobombed!

How To Unlock: Get photobombed in a selfie

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: A Ride to Remember

How To Unlock: Drive one of the Unique Vehicle

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Bad Boys

How To Unlock: Hijack a boat

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Something to Ride

How To Unlock: Hijack a bus

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Researcher

How To Unlock: Collect all the Key Datas hidden in the world

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/30


Trophy/Achievement: Smooth Felon

How To Unlock: Escape a Level 5 felony

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/15


Trophy/Achievement: Miniroadtrip!

How To Unlock: Drive 4 km in the world while driving the Merengue from Elek Motors.

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Knock You Out

How To Unlock: Do a stealth takedown on 30 enemies

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Jump Around

How To Unlock: Do a 140 meters long jump while driving a vehicle

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/15


Trophy/Achievement: Earn Your Sea Legs

How To Unlock: Do a sailboat race

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Roboteer

How To Unlock: Hack a robot

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/5


Trophy/Achievement: Third Time’s the Charm

How To Unlock: Make 3 jumps in a row aboard a vehicle

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Hold my Hair

How To Unlock: Take a picture of someone vomiting

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Let Me Ride

How To Unlock: Travel 200 meters on top of a car by hacking it

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/20


Trophy/Achievement: One of the Gang

How To Unlock: Complete 5 DedSec Events

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Natural Born Killer

How To Unlock: Neutralize 1 Hunter in Bounty Hunter mode

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/


Trophy/Achievement: Please Marcus, Don’t Hurt Them

How To Unlock: Successfully neutralize 5 fugitives in bounty hunter

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Hold My Hand

How To Unlock: Succesfully complete an online coop mission

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Feeding Frenzy

How To Unlock: Use the “Call the cops” hack on the donut-disguised man in Haight-Ashbury.

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Troll’r

How To Unlock: Succesfully invade another hacker

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Got the Shutterbug

How To Unlock: Take 25 Scout X location pictures

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/15


Trophy/Achievement: One-Man Garage

How To Unlock: Buy 25 cars in car dealerships

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/20


Trophy/Achievement: Pimp My E-Kart

How To Unlock: Get all the E-Kart upgrade

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: App’ing Around

How To Unlock: Buy all the apps in the App Shop

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/5


Trophy/Achievement: I Get Around

How To Unlock: Do a drone race

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: Ain’t No Stoppin’

How To Unlock: Do a bike race

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/10


Trophy/Achievement: The Fox

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Shadow

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/20


Trophy/Achievement: Joined the Mile High Club

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Hack teh World

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Picking Up the Pieces

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Through the Looking Glass

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Baby, I Got Your Money

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: False Profits

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Knight Ridden

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Cyber Driver

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: No Place Like Haum

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Haum Sweet Haum

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Informer

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Limp Nudle

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: 911 Is A Joke

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: $911

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Hypnotize

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: W4tched

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Old School Justice

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Eye for An Eye

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Sabotage

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Hacker War

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Make Every Voice Count

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Power to the Sheeple

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: The Itsy Bitsy Spider

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Robot Wars

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: You’re On A Boat!

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Shangaied

Trophy/Gamerscore: Silver/40


Trophy/Achievement: Leaks and Leaks

How To Unlock: Finish Operation: Ubistolen

Trophy/Gamerscore: Bronze/20


Trophy/Achievement: Hack teh World

How To Unlock: Trigger the hack of the century

Trophy/Gamerscore: Gold/50


Trophy/Achievement: Graduation Day

How To Unlock: Win Every Trophy

Trophy/Achievement: Platinum

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