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Watch Dogs 2 Unique Vehicle Locations: Where To Find the Best Cars In The Game

Watch Dogs 2 wouldn’t be much of an open-world game without some sort of crazy vehicle to steal and ride around in!

Thankfully, there are a handful of unique — and very cool — cars, scooters, and whatever else to, erm, steal and take for yourself!

There are seven unique vehicles to be found scattered throughout the world of Watch Dogs 2, and you’ll need to actually get into them and drive them in order for them to be accessible for your in-game smartphone.

In this guide we’ll give you a brief breakdown of the location of each unique vehicle in Watch Dogs 2. Be sure to check back in the coming days for our detailed map, which will also cover key data locations, and money bag locations.


Marin Unique Vehicles

Vehicle: The Ice Cube by Sumitzu Auto

Location: Kirby Cover. It’s found next to a tent along a dirt road, in the south-west part of Marin.

Oakland Unique Vehicles

Vehicle: Wrecker by Global Motors

Location: Port of Oakland . It can be found on a container, at the top of a container stack. You’ll need to take control of the crane, using it to bring the container down to the eastern side.


Vehicle: Mountain King by Brubeck Engines

Location: Lakeside Park. It can be found in an area that is fenced off. Look for a forklift to the north, and use it to lift Marcus up over the fence into the area.

San Francisco Unique Vehicles

Vehicle: Flip Wagon by Bogen

Location: Painted Ladies. Can be found in the parking area between some houses.


Vehicle: Danger Mobile by Landrock Motors

Location: Yerba Buena. It’s am ambulance-type vehicle. It’s parked in a small alley.

Silicon Valley Unique Vehicles

Vehicle: Rainbow Missile by Fruttato

Location: San Mateo. This scooter can be found in the backyard of a house, so you’ll need to do some exploring. Jump over the fence on the left side, and use the RC Jumper to hack the terminal once the guard and sentry move away. Then return to the house’s right side, to the gate. Wait for the guard to do their loop and start walking in the opposite direction. Take out the sentry robot, and steal the Rainbow Missile scooter.


Vehicle: The Dangerzone by Targ Motors

Location: Nudle and Galilei. Look for the SVNR building. The vehicle can be found behind one of the two locked garage doors.

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