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Watch Dogs 2 Key Data Unlock And Location Guide

Watch Dogs 2 is now out in the open and as always we have a number of guides to help you along the way. One of the many collectibles available for you to find is Key Data, which turns out to be a very important part of your experience.

Key Data generally unlocks a research app, which allows you to upgrade and improve certain mechanics and features available. Some key data are easy to find, while others are heavily guarded. With some patience, experimentation and exploration, however, you should be able to find each and every key data in the locations listed above. If you’re stuck, simply look for either heavily-guarded areas, or locked doors. Generally, these doors need to be bypassed, or a guard needs to be defeated in order to gain the access key.

We’ll update this guide with a more detailed and structured map in the coming days.


Location: Kirby Cover.

Unlocks: Steady Hands research

Location: Vista Point.

Research Data: Expert Tinkering research.


Location: The Gates Houseboats.

Research Data: Massive System Crash research.



Location: Prescott.

Research Data: Fast Trigger Finger.


Location: Downtown Oakland

Research data: System Crash Upgrade.


Location: Downtown Oakland

Research Data: Gang War app.


San Francisco

Location: Yerba Buena

Research Data: Botnet Savings for Vehicle hack.


Location: Fort Point

Research Data: Botnet Savings for City Hacking.


Location: Coit Tower

Research Data: Strong Grip research.


Location: Lombard Street

Research Data: Tweaked Blast research.


Location: Cliff House

Research Data: Target Weakness research.


Location: Embarcadero

Research Data: Engine Overdrive research.


Location: Embarcadero

Research Data: Remote Gadgets research


Location: Golden Gate Park

Research Data: Target Weakness research


Location: Nudle Park

Research Data: Keen Eye research


Location: Mission Delores Park

Research Data: Security System Shutdown research


Location: San Bruno Mountain

Research Data: Security System Shutdown


Location: San Bruno Mountain

Research Data: Electro Shock Optimization


Silicon Valley

Location: Crystal Springs

Research Data: Electro Shock Optimization


Location: Palo Alto

Research Data: Enhanced Spring research.


Location: Stanford University

Research Data: Stun Amp Up upgrade research


Location: South Silicon Valley

Research Data: Botnet Savings for Personal Devices


Location: Nudle and Galilei

Research Data: Explosive Optimization research

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Wednesday 30th of November 2016

[…] of putting together a map to help you find each and every one. In the mean time, check out our key data collectible guide, and use this guide as a brief helper on your quest to increase your […]

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