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Nintendo Switch price could fit into that ‘sweet spot’

Nintendo’s new home console, Switch, is going to be pretty special. Outside of the console’s trailer and release window, all we know about it is that it’s a console-handheld hybrid that can be easily morphed from living room device to on-the-go gaming portable. Nintendo says that while the trailer primarily focused on that portability, the Switch is a home console first and foremost.

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So, sure, there’s a little bit of confusion there, especially with the games showcased in the trailer not being representative of actual Switch games, but there’s no denying the console’s innovative design and fascinating functionality.

The big question has been related to price. Back in September, industry analyst Michael Pachter said that the Switch could be dead in the water if it were priced too high. The $399 USD price, common for higher-end consoles of the Xbox and PlayStation variety, is a price point Nintendo can’t compete with, according to Pachter.

It’s hard to disagree: Nintendo has to find that pricing sweet spot, or the Switch could struggle right out of the gates.

Interestingly, the Switch’s launch price might sit nicely in that appealing affordability bracket. A product placeholder on Toys ‘R Us Canada’s official website (via Twinfinite) listed the Switch at $329.99 CAD. That comes to around $330 AUD, or, importantly, $250 USD. Generally, a straight conversion on pricing is a rough estimate, as it doesn’t factor in a country’s logistic and labour costs. In Australia, for example, the $330 price is probably a little low, perhaps by around 5-10%. In the US, however, it could drop to as low as $199. Historically, prices outside of the US for gaming hardware is a direct currency conversion, plus anywhere between an additional 5-10% in local currency. A price of $199 in the US converts to around $270 in Australia, plus $15-$30 and you have your $299.99 console.

Regardless of whether the placeholder is a legit representation of the price in Canada or not is irrelevant: Nintendo absolutely has to hit that $250 USD benchmark as an absolute maximum launch price. The $199 USD price mark seems too cheap, so at $250 USD, plus conversion and general cost increases, $359.99 AUD seems more likely.

What price do you think the Nintendo Switch will be at launch? Sound off in the comments below!

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Thursday 17th of November 2016

This is the first time in a while I won't be getting the new Nintendo tech on launch.  I'm happy to wait for the 2017 Xmas season to look more closely at it.


Tuesday 15th of November 2016

For under $350 I'd be a lot more inclined to buy.

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