Overwatch Character Bios Guide: When and How To Use Each Character Overwatch Character Bios Guide: When and How To Use Each Character
ShareTweet Sponsored Links Symmetra Real Name Satya Vaswani Age 28 Occupation Architech Base of Operations Utopaea, India Affiliation Vishkar Corporation Difficulty Medium   Abilities... Overwatch Character Bios Guide: When and How To Use Each Character

overwatch character bios guide

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Real NameSatya Vaswani
overwatch character bios guide
Base of OperationsUtopaea, India
AffiliationVishkar Corporation



Photon Projector (Basic Attack): Fires a short range homing beam, dealing continuous damage, increasing the longer the beam is attached.

Sentry Turret: Sets a small turret that fires at enemies.

Photon Shield: Place a hard shield on an ally.

Teleporter (Ultimate Ability): Creates a teleport exit pad at her location, connecting to her team’s spawn point.



  • Symmetra is a fantastic support character who can help defend her teammates and cover the objective.
  • The teleporter is incredibly useful on both attack and defense, as it provides quick access to the objective after death.
  • Symmetra has leadership traits that allow her to really set the tone of the team: use her shield and turret to give your team the upper edge.


Real NameTekhartha Zenyatta
overwatch character bios guide
OccupationWandering Guru, Adventurer
Base of OperationsShambali Monastery, Nepal (Formerly)
AffiliationThe Shambali (Formerly)



Orb of Destruction (Basic Attack)Fires his orbs separately individually or can build up to fire a more powerful single shot.

Orb of Harmony: Places an orb over an ally that restores health.

Orb of Discord: Places an orb over an opponent making them more susceptible to damage.

Transcendence (Ultimate Ability): Enters into a state of transcendence for a short period of time, meaning he can’t do any attacks or use any other powers, but is invincible and will fully heal and heal those around him.



  • Use his healing powers often. Watch out for teammates with a red cross hovering above them: this means they need health.
  • Quickly use the Orb of Discord on an enemy when it targets, and then bombard them with orbs as quickly as possible. While Zenyatta is a support character, he is very effective on attack if used in the right way.



Real NameLúcio Correia Dos Santos
overwatch character bios guide
OccupationDJ, Freedom Fighter
Base of OperationsRio De Janeiro, Brazil


Sonic Amplifier: Fires sonic projectiles at his enemies.

Crossfade: Can switch which song plays at will, and this will alter what buff is currently active. One song is a heal, that regenerates the life of nearby allies constantly. The other is a speed buff, increasing the movement speed of anyone nearby.

Amp It Up: Lucio cranks up the music, increasing the effect of his current Crossfade buff. The boosted effect only lasts for a few seconds, but will drastically increase healing or movement speed, based on which buff is currently active.

Sound Barrier (Ultimate): Lucio slams his amp on the ground, projecting a barrier around any nearby allies. Everyone receives a powerful shield, giving them several hundred temporary hitpoints. Using this ability does require you to be on the ground, and takes a moment to activate



Real NameAngela Ziegler
overwatch character bios guide
OccupationField Medic, First Responder
Base of OperationsZurich, Switzerland
AffiliationOverwatch (formerly)



Caduceus Staff: Mercy’s main weapon, this staff has two functions. The primary attack is a heal, that tethers you to an ally and constantly heals them. The alternate fire shoots a blue tether that increases the damage of whomever is connected to it.

Caduceus Blaster: A secondary weapon, this pistol is highly accurate but very weak. It’s best used in emergency situations, and shouldn’t be relied on to get kills.

Guardian Angel: Mercy can look at any nearby ally and fly towards them. This action brings Mercy right next to them, allowing her to then heal or buff their teammate. Guardian Angel allows her to fly if the ally is above her, however she can still get stuck on objects in her path, so a clear line of sight is needed.

Angelic Descent: By holding down the jump button, Mercy can fall very slowly from any height. This allows her to land in a more percise area, or heal and buff allies from above while slowly falling.

Resurrect (Ultimate): Mercy can resurrect any recently killed ally that is nearby. Resurrection is not instantaneous, but those who are in the process of being revived cannot be damaged until they regain full control of their character.

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