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Overwatch Character Bios Guide: When and How To Use Each Character

Overwatch presents an impressive character roster with a varied approach to gameplay. Fenix Bazaar’s Overwatch Character Bios Guide will help you make the right choice for a match.

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overwatch character bios guide


Real Name Genji Shimada
overwatch character bios guide
Age 35
Occupation Adventurer
Base of Operations Shambali Monastery, Nepal
Affiliation Shimada Clan (formerly), Overwatch (formerly)
Difficulty Hard



Shuriken: Throws three at a time in a straight line. The alternate attack has him throw the three Shurikens horizontally, covering a larger area but limiting the single target damage.

Deflect: Reflects any projectile shot at him for a few seconds.

Swift Strike: Lunge forward, drawing your blade as you go. Anyone caught in your path takes damage.

Dragonblade (Ultimate): Genji pulls out his katana and runs around, slashing enemies with it. This attack does massive damage to each target hit, and lasts about 10 seconds. You can move quickly, but caution should always be used when running up on foes!



  • Genji is an offense hero, and as such should be utilised when attacking.
  • He specialises in melee combat, which can make it a tough sell for newcomers.
  • He is extremely weak, but has powerful attack blows with the Shuriken toss. Use him only if you have the expertise to evade enemies.
  • If choosing him, use him in a way that he can sneak behind enemies, or flank them during a heavy fire-fight. Get in and out very quickly, because it doesn’t take much to take him down.



Real Name Jesse McCree
overwatch character bios guide
Age 37
Occupation Bounty Hunter
Base of Operations Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Affiliation Overwatch (formerly)
Difficulty Medium



PeaceKeeper (Basic Attack): Fires six-cylinder pistol. Fast-fire compromises accuracy.

Combat Roll: McCree rolls forward.

FlashBang: Throws a flash grenade that explodes after a brief delay.

DeadEye (Ultimate Ability): McCree shoots every enemy in his sights, with lower enemies more likely to be targeted.



  • McCree is an interesting character who, if used well, can be an efficient offensive weapon.
  • He is particularly effective against support characters, with similar mobility and good targeting.
  • His flash bang is effective but takes a moment to explode. Always wait a second or two before throwing the grenade and rushing in for the kill.


Real Name Fareeha Amari
overwatch character bios guide
Age 32
Occupation Security Chief
Base of Operations Giza, Egypt
Affiliation Helix Security International
Difficulty Easy



Rocket Launcher (Basic Attack): Her rocket launcher has a slow shot rate, but the rockets are extremely deadly.

Jump Jet: She can propel into the air.

Concussive Blast: This wrist rocket will take our shields and other barriers while also knocking down enemies nearby.

Barrage (Ultimate Ability): A barrage of rockets that deals massive damage to nearby enemies.



  • Pharah is a great character to choose when the opposition is staked with tanks. Her powerful rockets deal massive damage and take out shields and bigger characters with more effectiveness.
  • When attacking an objective, she’s very useful in pushing defenders out of the objective area with her concussive blast. It creates space between your team and the opposition, and can be the difference in capturing the area.



Real Name Unknown
overwatch character bios guide
Age Unknown
Occupation Mercenary
Base of Operations Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Difficulty Easy



Hellfire Shotguns (Basic Attack): Twin shotguns as basic attacks. Great in close for high damage.

Wraith Form: Becomes a shadow for a short period of time, making him invincible.

Shadow Step: Teleport to a spot on the map after setting a marker within a maximum distance.

Death Blossom (Ultimate Ability): Turns into a blurry figure while twisting and shooting at all enemies around hi.



  • Reaper, if used well, is an effective offensive tool. His shotguns deal heavy damage, but are ineffective at long range.
  • Use the Wraith Form to sneak up on enemies, and while they shoot at you wait for them to reload before going back to normal form and bombarding them with bullet.
  • Use the teleport ability to reach high position and jump down on unsuspecting enemies.


Soldier 76

Real Name Unknown
overwatch character bios guide
Age Unknown
Occupation Vigilante
Base of Operations Unknown
Affiliation Overwatch (formerly)
Difficulty Easy



Heavy Pulse Rifle (Basic Attack): The pulse rifle causes modest damage and is easy to control with little to no recoil.

Helix Rockets: Shoots small rockets that cause massive damage to nearby enemies.

Sprint: Sprints forward. It’s unlimited, however moving in a direction other than the one he is sprinting in will end the function.

Biotic Field: Heals opponents with a biotic emitter place on the ground.

Tactical Visor (Ultimate Ability): Locks onto targets in the field of view and automatically locks on as he shoots. Moves between targets as they move in and out of cover.



  • Soldier 76 is perfect for players looking for a fast, assault rifle-esque character. His rifle isn’t particularly powerful but if you can stay on target and deliver enough hits, it can be effective.
  • The Biotic Field heals teammates quickly, and should be used as often as possible, particularly when defending.
  • The Helix Rockets are great to use when enemies are in a tight spot. You may not get a double or triple kill, but it will deal significant damage, even to tanks.



Real Name Lena Oxton
overwatch character bios guide
Age 26
Occupation Adventurer
Base of Operations ,London, England
Affiliation Overwatch (formerly)
Difficulty Medium



Pulse Pistols (Basic Attack): Rapid fire from dual-wielded pistols.

Blink: Teleports forward very quickly, and can do so up to three times in succession.

Recall: Allows Tracer to reset ammo, health and her position on the map from a few seconds earlier.

Pulse Bomb (‘Ultimate Ability): An adhesive bomb that sticks to anything and explodes to deal massive damage.



  • There’s really only one way to use Tracer: quickly. She is very agile and can move around the map at blistering speeds, so use this to your advantage.
  • The Blink ability can disorientate enemies, and is particularly useful against tanks.
  • The Pulse Bomb should be used to take out multiple defenders at once, especially when time is running down and you’re close to the objective.
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