Overwatch Character Bios Guide: When and How To Use Each Character Overwatch Character Bios Guide: When and How To Use Each Character
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overwatch character bios guide


Real NameHana Song
overwatch character bios guide
OccupationMech Pilot (formerly a Pro Gamer)
Base of OperationsBusan, South Korea
AffiliationMobile Exo-Force of the Korean Army



Fusion Cannons: The Fusion Cannons have unlimited ammo, but only reach a short range.

Light Gun: D.Va can fire a pistol when out of her mech. It can refill D.Va’s ultimate bar, so she can summon a new mech.

Boosters: D.Va will shoot forward for several seconds in a line when using her boosters, smashing into anyone in her path and dealing heavy damage.

Defense Matrix: Activates a forcefield in front of her which stops all projectiles for a very brief time.

Self-Destruct (Ultimate): D.Va jumps out of her mech, setting it to explode, dealing massive damage in the surrounding area.

Call Mech (Ultimate): D.Va summons a new mech.



  • D.Va is a useful character whether on offense or defense. Her mech is very strong and deals a lot of damage at close range, and has essentially two lives as destroying her mech leads her to ejecting before it explodes.
  • Try to utilise the self-destruct function it important moments of a match, so as to not completely compromise your place in the match. Use it when enemies are close together and near the objective.
  • Don’t be afraid to use her pistol but be careful, as her health is much lower when out of the tank.



Real NameReinhardt Wilhelm
overwatch character bios guide
Base of OperationsStuttgart, Germany
AffiliationOverwatch (formerly)



Rocket Hammer (Basic Attack): Reinhardt swings his hammer to deal damage to those in front of him.

Shield: Creates a wide force-shield.

Charge: Reinhardt charges in a straight line and will pin any enemies in his path.

Fire Strike: Fires a ball of flame forward.

Earthshatter (Ultimate Ability): Reinhardt slams his Hammer into the ground.



  • Reinhardt is useful on attack, as he allows your team to push forward from behind the shield. It’s especially useful when trying to capture a point.
  • His Rocket Hammer is hard to aim and is useless unless you’re close to the enemy. Know that using Reinhardt is all about close combat and the shield.
  • Save the Earthshatter for when you’re near the objective.



Real NameMako Rutledge
overwatch character bios guide
OccupationEnforcer (Formerly), Bodyguard (Formerly)
Base of OperationsJunkertown, Australia (Formerly)
AffiliationJunkers (Formerly)



Scrap Gun (Basic Attack): TScrap Gun fires a close-range, wide-spread burst of shrapnel, which can be switched to long-range to explode on contact.

Take a Breather: Restores health over a period of time.

Chain Hook: Ropes in an enemy with his chain hook.

Whole Hog (Ultimate Ability): Modifies the Scrap Gun into a fully automatic weapon.



  • The Chain Hook should be used often. It can disorientate enemies and really out them off their game.
  • Use the chain hook when you have fellow teammates nearby. That way you can rope in an enemy and then bombard them together as a team.



Real NameWinston
overwatch character bios guide
OccupationScientist, Adventurer
Base of OperationsHorizon Lunar Colony (Formerly)
AffiliationOverwatch (formerly)



Tesla Cannon (Basic Attack): Fires a short-range electric barrage.

Jump Pack: Leaps into the air to deal damage and disorientate nearby enemies on landing.

Shield Protector: Creates a bubble-shaped shield that absorbs damage until it is destroyed.

Primal Rage (Ultimate Ability): Temporarily increases health. While in Primal Rage Winston can only use melee attacks but can cast Jump Pack more frequently.



  • Winston is arguably the closest thing to a “tank” in the game. He can literally absorb fire and protect his teammates, and fire back with just as much efficiency.
  • Much like Reinhardt, use Winston to slowly progress towards an objective while attacking.


Real NameAleksandra Zaryanova
overwatch character bios guide
Base of OperationsKrasnoyarsk Front, Russia
AffiliationRussian Defense Forces



Particle Cannon (Basic Attack): Fires a short range burst and throws an explosive charge.

Particle Barrier: Surrounds Zarya in a protective barrier.

Projected Barrier: Creates a protective barrier for an ally. A Projected Barrier holds the same benefits as Particle Barrier.

Graviton Surge (Ultimate Ability): Fires a gravity grenade, pulling enemies inwards and trapping them.



  • Zarya can be very useful is used effectively. She may seem hard to use, but her barriers for her and her allies help increase the damage caused by her Particle Cannon, which makes her the pinnacle team player: the mode she helps others out, the more she can help out her team.

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