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Rogue One trailer – Everything We Learned (Or Have Questions About)

Is that Grand Moff Tarkin?

At around the one-minute mark of the trailer we get a look at a dangly Imperial general, played by Aussie actor Ben Mendelsohn. Fan theories floating around the place have Mendelsohn playing Grand Moff Tarkin. He’s clearly a younger character than the Tarkin in A New Hope, but not by much. He also appears to be a few ranks below Tarkin as he was in Episode IV.

rogue one trailer analysis

The interesting theory floating around is that he is actually the father of Jyn, who is the “rebel” criminal that features throughout the trailer. This works because the Rebels could use her as a means to get close to her father and steal the plans in return for her freedom. My only issue with this is that it seems unlike the Rebels to act so authoritarian in their treatment of a non-Imperial nerf-herder.

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