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Rogue One trailer – Everything We Learned (Or Have Questions About)

Shadowtroopers, AT-AT walks and blasters, oh my!

The Shadowtroopers here are the big one. They’ve featured in a lot of the non-canonical Star Wars media across novels, games and comics, but have mostly steered clear of appearance and even mention in the films. They’re Force sensitive (so says the Expanded Universe), so things are bound to get interesting.

Rogue One trailer analysis

The AT-ATs are also interesting because we haven’t seen them in action since Return Of The Jedi. They were featured merely as destroyed backdrops (beautifully might I add) in The Force Awakens, and had an active presence in the Battle Of Jakku in Star Wars Battlefront (the battle that took place after the events of Jedi). They have a powerful, intimidating presence on screen, epitomising the Empire’s strangling influence on the galaxy.

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