Microsoft’s console strategy could make it tough for Xbox
Microsoft’s console strategy out of E3 2016 has prompted fierce debate about the company’s future in gaming, and how it plans to transition into the “next generation” after a disappointing commercial performance by Xbox One. It’s strategy for that console, which is currently stretched out between a redesigned “slim” console,... Read more
Microsoft must pounce on Sony’s divisive and alienating PlayStation plan
Sony’s splitting of the console market and strange fascination with VR presents a fantastic opportunity for Microsoft to refocus and close the gap. The news today that the PlayStation 4K is indeed real comes as no surprise after months of rumours and speculation, and an E3 no-show suggests Sony is treating this console upgrade as... Read more
The Xbox 360’s Best And Worst Moments

Let’s delve a little deeper into the console’s history to discuss its best and worst moments.

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