Mass bans hit Overwatch in South Korea as Role Queue rolls out

The start of the Role Queue era in Overwatch has been met with positivity from the game’s community, but with its introduction has come a wave of cheaters and boosters that threaten to ruin the experience for other players

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Rocket League fans on PS4 will finally be able to play their favourite football-racing game in glorious 4K.

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Nintendo might finally be prepared to embrace expansion packs, DLC, and online gaming with the Nintendo Switch. The gaming giant today announced its DLC plan for Switch launch title The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild. It will come as part of an Expansion Pack, which will be available... Read more
The Journey: How Frostbite makes FIFA 17’s new Story mode possible

I had a chat with FIFA 17 producer Nick Channon about the game’s new story mode, The Journey.

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Titanfall 2 campaign harkens back to games like Half-Life, says Respawn

When Titanfall 2 launches on October 28, players will be getting a considerably different experience to the one they remember from 2014.

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Yes, Overwatch’s Competitive Play needs to be fixed. No, it doesn’t ruin the ‘Spirit of the game’

Overwatch’s competitive mode has been the subject of heated debate among Overwatch fanatics since it was introduced last week. Some in the gaming press have argued that it ruins the spirit of the game, making it “less fun” and “too competitive”, but those are frivolous arguments.

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Friendly Fire Show 124: Live Another Day

Hey! We had another special occasion — Ben was back in Melbourne! We wrangled him into the studio for another episode of Stevivor & Fenix Bazaar’s Friendly Fire Show!

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Overwatch’s Gold Weapons are a nicely cosmetic way to earn bragging rights
Overwatch competitive play will launch later this month (hopefully), and Blizzard Jeff Kaplan recently spoke about the changes coming to the feature, and what players can expect on the reward front. One of the features that stood out from Kaplan’s reveal was that of golden guns, which are cosmetic... Read more
Overwatch: Capturing a Generation
Probably one of the most hyped games of 2016, Overwatch has finally hit the market to a chorus of cheers from fans all over the world. Sitting at a 92 on Metacritic, it’s clear that it has been successful, but how does Blizzard do it time and time again?... Read more
Overwatch balance patch coming this week: Blizzard held back updates to focus on ‘stable launch’
With the impending release of competitive mode coming later this month, Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan stated only hours ago that a balance patch would be coming later this week to solve some outlying issues. Overwatch ultimate quotes ranked from least to worst terrifying The 10 Worst Types Of Overwatch Player... Read more