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Overwatch Hero 37 will add a new Support hero

Overwatch 2 Support mains across the globe would have surely been reeling when Ramattra, another Tank hero, was announced. Thankfully, Hero 37 is now confirmed to be a “strong” Support hero.

The Support class has long been neglected in Overwatch. While the additions of Baptiste, Brigitte, Moira, and, more recently, Kiriko, have helped boost the class’ stocks since Overwatch first launched in 2016, the Support role has always felt somewhat neglected and less impactful during matches.

overwatch 2 new support hero

The move to 5v5 for Overwatch 2 has only amplified this: Support heroes now have to fixate on keeping Tanks active and alive, and in a hybrid and dynamic dive meta, half of the Support roster simply isn’t agile enough to keep up.

Thankfully, Blizzard is well aware of the challenges of the Support class, and Hero 37 will hopefully help fill the gap.

overwatch 2 new support hero

Ramattra will join Overwatch 2 for Season 2 from December 6, and his abilities paint the picture of a rather unpredictable and fun new Tank hero. Here’s hoping for a similarly dynamic new Support hero with Hero 37.

Overwatch 2 Hero 37 will be a Support hero

Speaking at a recent event in South Korea (via, Overwatch 2 commercial lead, Jon Spector, alongside General Manager, Walter Kong, spoke to the upcoming Hero 37.

overwatch 2 new support hero

When asked about the criteria of the next hero, Spector lifted the lid on how a new hero comes to be through the development process.

“Hero development takes a long time,” Spector explain. “You have to come up with ideas and conceive from the beginning of development to the end. 

overwatch 2 new support hero

It starts with coming up with a concept that players can enjoy. You should be able to enter the worldview. Proceed in the direction of widening the overall hero pool. Each hero role is properly harmonised and released in order.

“Ramatra is a tank hero in season 2, and we expect that the next hero will be a more solid support hero.”

overwatch 2 new support hero

Based on Blizzard’s internal goal of releasing a hero every two seasons, this could mean a new Support hero is primed for Season 4, roughly in April 2023.

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