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Overwatch 2 Ramattra abilities revealed

Overwatch 2 will get its first new hero — and the 36th hero overall — when Ramattra joins the roster for Season 2. We now have the hero’s full breakdown of abilities in his kit, and it’s clear that the new Tank hero is going to cause quite a bit of havoc on the competitive scene.

Ramattra will join Overwatch 2 for Season 2, with the latest trailer, which you can watch on this page, teasing some of his narrative history within the Overwatch lore.

overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

Check out the full breakdown below.

Overwatch 2 Ramattra abilities

Void Accelerator (OMNIC Form) – Default

  • Left click: Fires a projectile that advances in a certain shape
  • Right click: Create a barrier at the target location
overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

Vortex of Gluttony – E

  • Launch nano spheres
  • It explodes on contact with the ground, creating a damaging force field
  • Enemies within the force field’s influence are pulled to the ground
  • The movement speed of enemies under the influence of the force field is slowed

Chastisement (NEMESIS Form) – Shift

Transformers into Nemesis for about eight seconds and uses the following skills:

  • Left click: Attacks with fists forward, generating a shock wave each time the fist is raised, which penetrates enemies in front
  • Right click: Reduces movement speed, but greatly reduces damage from the front
  • When in Nemesis form, gain 150 additional defense, and increases total health from 450 to 600
overwatch 2 ramattra abilities

Destruction (Ultimate) – Q

  • Automatically switches to Nemesis form, creating an energy zone around it
  • Enemies within the energy zone take continuous damage
  • The duration is maintained as long as you deal damage to enemies within the energy zone

The abilities were revealed to Korean games media in Korea overnight, per OverwatchNaeri on Twitter.

What are your thoughts on Ramattra’s abilities? Sound off in the comments below!

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