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Overwatch 2 chat bug fixed but players might not be refunded

A weird chat bug in Overwatch 2, which saw some players inadvertently purchasing skins when using the game’s in-game chat function, has been quietly addressed and fixed by Blizzard. However, there’s no indication if impacted players will be refunded for the accidental purchases.

A player first reported the claim over on Reddit, having noticed that they have been forced into buying skins when using a keyboard in the Overwatch 2 in-game chat.

overwatch 2 chat bug

“It appears to have been caused by a bug where text typed into the chat is occasionally misinterpreted by the game as input for navigating the menu,” they explained.

Unlocking a skin, they explained, “only takes two pressed of the spacebar”. It appeared as though the game interpreted a simple press of the space bar during a chat as the player wanting to make a purchase.

overwatch 2 chat bug

“I might’ve got lucky that the bug only lost me a meager 300 Legacy credits, but the worst-case scenario is that this bug could unexpectedly unlock a legendary skin for someone using their premium currency,” they said.

It now appears as though the latest Overwatch 2 hotfix update has addressed the bug, although there’s no still indication from Blizzard as to whether impacted players would be refunded.

overwatch 2 chat bug

The launch of Overwatch 2 has been somewhat plagued by in-game bugs, glitches, and server issues. Blizzard was mostly focused on ensuring Overwatch 2 simply functions as it should, with yesterday’s update targeting the Overwatch 2 LC-208 error.

The LC-208 error in Overwatch 2 specifically appeared to impact a player’s ability to simply login to the game after migration/merging their account and previous Overwatch account. There was a new, brief update from the Overwatch team today, with no identified downtime to the game.

overwatch 2 chat bug

As of today, Blizzard appears to have gotten the game into a pretty good working state, with minimal downtime and improved performance.

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