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Overwatch 2 cross progression: How it works

With the launch of Overwatch 2 fast approaching, players of the famed and acclaimed shooter are readying their skills ahead of the game’s October 4 launch. In preparation, players can already start with linking their accounts to ensure cross progression into Overwatch 2.

overwatch 2 cross progression

Already linked your Overwatch 2 account with Approving the process will kickstart the migration of your in-game progress and unlocks into Overwatch 2.

Overwatch 2 needs an active account to play, regardless of platform. All of the in-game unlocks and progression stats will be carried over into Overwatch 2.

  1. How to link a console Overwatch account to
  2. Will Nintendo Switch have cross progression?
  3. How many accounts can I merge?
  4. What if I don’t merge my account with

To link your Overwatch account to and ensure cross progression will work in Overwatch 2, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Overwatch as you normally would on your console
  2. Using your mobile phone, scan the QR code that appears
  3. A code will be displayed on your console to connect (or create) your account
  4. Once linked, you’ll need to confirm the linkage the next time you login on your console, so reboot the game to ensure everything was linked accurately.

You can only link one account to your account, so ensure it’s the correct one (and not your Overwatch smurfing account … ).

overwatch 2 cross progression

Will Nintendo Switch have cross progression?

Yes, Nintendo Switch will be cross progression for Overwatch 2.

How many accounts can I merge?

You can only merge one account for Overwatch 2 cross progression, so make sure you’re logging into the correct Overwatch account on your console.

What if I don’t merge my account with

You’ll need a account in order to play Overwatch 2, so if you want all of your progression from Overwatch to carry over, you’ll need to make the connection.

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