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Overwatch 2 LC-208 Error: Latest patch update looks to fix login issue

Overwatch 2 has launched to a somewhat mixed reaction from the community. Blizzard’s attempt at a free-to-play online model is admirable in wanting to make the experience more accessible for new players, whereas long time fans feel neglected and their feedback ignored. All that aside — and sure to be addressed in future updates — Blizzard is mostly focused on ensuring Overwatch 2 simply functions as it should, and the latest update specifically targets the Overwatch 2 LC-208 error.

overwatch 2 lc-208 error

The LC-208 error in Overwatch 2 specifically appeared to impact a player’s ability to simply login to the game after migration/merging their account and previous Overwatch account. There’s a new, brief update from the Overwatch team today, with no identified downtime to the game as at time of writing.

The update seems to target the “remaining LC-208 errors”, which are login errors that actually prevent players from entering and playing the game at all. Switch players appeared to be the most impacted, although Xbox Series X and PC players also noted having seen this error.

overwatch 2 lc-208 error

Much of the frustration from the Overwatch 2 player base — both new and returning — appears to be in the form of the server wait times to actually get into the game and merge their accounts from Overwatch. Blizzard did have a little communications strategy up and running pre-launch to encourage players to have this sorted pre-launch, but the day one blitz by the gaming community seemed to force many into a queue of tens of thousands.

Additionally, some players appeared to have lost statistics, progress and skins, although Blizzard insists that your stuff is safe and sound, and that anything you had in Overwatch will eventually make its way over to Overwatch 2. There’s no doubt a huge backlog of accounts and merges that the Blizzard team has to get through, so with time it should all carry over just fine.

overwatch 2 lc-208 error

“We are aware of lengthy account migration queues and are ramping up capacity to move it faster,” Blizzard said in a statement today.

That’s good news for fans still waiting for everything to carry over, but it’s also a bit of a warning and a reminder for future: make sure you get this sorted and merged over before launch day.

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