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Xbox 20th Anniversary stereo headset revealed

Fresh off announcing the Xbox 20th anniversary controller, a new celebratory stereo headset has also been unleashed.

While wired headsets can be rather logistical nightmares for console gaming, they do serve a purpose in small viewing settings and for players using different devices and even a PC.

xbox 20th anniversary headset

So while this new controller may not be top-of-the-range and wireless tech, it still serves some purpose … right?

Anyway, the Xbox Stereo Headset Special Edition, also released on November 15 alongside the aforementioned controller, will retail for £59.99 / $69.99.

xbox 20th anniversary headset

“Green accents on the boom mic, inside and outside of the earcups. The left disc is marked with our 20th Anniversary logo in our iconic green and the right dial has our Xbox logo imprinted, as seen on the Xbox Wireless and Stereo Headsets.”

Seems pretty legit: keep in mind however as already mentioned that this is the wired version of the controller, and while it sports some pretty awesome designs and features, including the Xbox 20th Anniversary logo, the wired component may make it less appealing to the masses.

xbox 20th anniversary headset

That said, it would be a nice addition to one’s Xbox collection.

What are your thoughts? Are you planning on picking up the Xbox 20th anniversary controller? Sound off in the comments below!

xbox 20th anniversary controller
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