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NBA 2K22 Kobe Bryant Build Guide

NBA 2K22 has finally landed on Xbox Series X and PS5, and we once again have an expansive MyPlayer Builder creative suite to help build our future NBA superstars. We’ve already built a superstar team of best builds in NBA 2K22, and run through the basics of the MyPlayer builder, so now it’s time to build out one of the all-time great basketball players of all time. Let’s create a Kobe Bryant Build in NBA 2K22.

This build took some time to truly refine, as I could quite find the right balance between Kobe’s wingspan, his height, and weight, all of which have an impact on the maximum potential of particular attributes. Ideally we want to focus on this build’s Finishing and Shooting abilities, although we can compromise some attribute points in either to gain some ground in the Defense/Rebounding attributes.

Starting things off, let’s take a look at Kobe’’s bodybuild.

nba 2k22 kobe bryant build
  • Height: 6″8
  • Weight: 220 lbs
  • Wingspan: We’re going a large wingspan here of 7’2″. I had experimented with shorted wingspans and while I kept landing on the right kind of player build, I could never get shades of Kobe. This wingspan appears to be the sweet spot.

We know that Kobe is a combination of shot creator, slasher, somewhat of a playmaker, but ideally we want to focus on Shooting and Finishing badges, as well as a strong balance of Defense/Rebounding. This will land us on the following breakdown of attribute point distribution:

nba 2k22 kobe bryant build

The build at the SG position with the respective wingspan actually makes it fairly easy to balance the distribution of points, so we’re not getting roadblocked into forcing an unnecessary increase or decrease of attributes to add more weight to another attribute. Check out the full breakdown below.

nba 2k22 kobe bryant build

For our Takeovers, we want to select “Finished Moves” and “Limitless Range”. This then lands us on a “Slashing Shot Creator” player, with shades of Kobe Bryant, Paul George, and Zach LeVine.

nba 2k22 kobe bryant build
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