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Xbox Series X Halo Edition restock could be this week

Update 9/9: Pre-orders for the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X appear to have ended, at least on Amazon, per this statement from the Xbox team.

Due to overwhelming demand, preorders for this limited edition Xbox Series X have ended for now. Please check back for announcements about more preorder opportunities in the future. 

This was posted on Amazon but may also be a reflection of stock availability across all retailers.

Original Story: Gamers that have been battling to get their hands on Xbox Series X have been waiting almost a year for a steady flow of hardware to become available, and while restock of the console may not improve until 2023 due to chip shortages, there may be an availability of the Xbox Series X Halo Edition later this week.

The Halo Edition of the console, planned for release ahead of the December launch of Halo Infinite, has sold out almost as quickly as it’s become available, and so any hopes of increased stock to correlate with the limited edition have been quickly dashed, with thousands of gamers snapping up the console.

xbox series x restock

If you’re desperate to either get into the Xbox Series X market, or perhaps upgrade your current console and land yourself one of the special Halo-themed consoles, you may be in luck this week.

Rumours are swirling and reported across numerous outlets that GameStop, Amazon and Best Buy are all set to restock the Xbox Series X Halo edition this week.

xbox series x halo edition

While these retailers are North American based, restock at these locations generally lends into restock in other regions across the globe, include Europe and Australia.

Gaming Intel, always one of the first to announce Xbox Series X restock, has outed September 6-12 as the possible time for when new stock will land: given it’s now September 7 and stock hasn’t yet dropped, we should probably expect some more Xbox Series X stock in the coming days.

Amazon is also expected to release a drop of new Xbox Series X Halo Edition consoles later this week.

xbox series x halo edition

The Xbox Series X has been plagued by hardware shortages the world over, with news reports still circulating (almost a year after a release) whenever new stock becomes available. It’s safe to say that gamers are still lining up in droves for hardware, and an announcement about a new edition — even if it is Halo Infinite related — probably won’t do much to temper frustrations.

Nonetheless, the Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Limited Edition Bundle, which is set to launch on November 15 only a few weeks before Halo Infinite‘s release date, is still cause for some celebration, especially given it’s the first true special edition console released for the Series X.

It’s currently available for pre-order from a range of different online retailers, priced at $549.99 USD. That is, if you can get your hands on when with a new restock.

Source: Gaming Intel

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