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How to get the new Halo Infinite dynamic background on your Xbox Series X

Xbox Series X and Series S owners can from today download a brand new Halo Infinite Dynamic Background for their console. Here’s how.

Halo Infinite hype is well and truly on the way towards peaking. This week alone we’ve been gifted with a release date, a new Xbox Series X Halo Edition, and the promise of more campaign gameplay soon. On top of that, we now have a wallpaper to treat ourselves with.

How to get Xbox Series X Halo Infinite Dynamic Background

halo infinite dynamic wallpaper

Getting the Halo Infinite Xbox Series X wallpaper is almost (but not quite) as easy as simply turn on your console.

From your Xbox Series X dashboard, navigate to Settings, then Personalisation, then My Ground, and finally, Dynamic Backgrounds. From there you’ll noticed a brand new Halo Infinite themed background. Enjoy!

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