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Another Halo Infinite delay was considered, but 343 wanted to ‘get started’ and launch in 2021

Halo Infinite has now had a great end to August. For what is undoubtedly the biggest Xbox Series X release alongside Forza Horizon 5, a host of delays and uncertainty — albeit amidst a fantastic technical beta last month — has gamers genuinely question the readiness of the game.

The recent news that Halo Infinite‘s campaign co-op would be delayed and released in 2022 wasn’t well received by fans, and has many questioning whether another delay may actually be on the cards for the game.

halo infinite delay

While developer, 343 Industries, admits that the reason for the co-op delay is because it’s simply “not ready”, the studio insists that launching Halo Infinite in 2021 is the right choice.

Halo Infinite head of creative, Joseph Staten, has spoken at length about the proposition of another delay for the game during a recent developer insight video, saying the team felt that the game is “never really done” due to be a “live game”, and so delaying it again would be pointless.

halo infinite delay

“We talked about [delaying the game] but where we landed was, Halo Infinite is a live game, so it isn’t really ever done. It’s going to progress and evolve from season-to-season, we talk about launch being the beginning of that journey, but to have a beginning you need to pick a moment and actually begin,” Staten explained.

“Ultimately, we decided we’ve been working on this game for a really long time, our fans have been waiting for this game for a really long time. With solo campaign and our first season of free-to-play multiplayer in really good shape for holiday, we didn’t want to delay anymore. Let’s get started and we’ll continue to evolve from there, season-to-season.”

halo infinite delay

There’s been quite a bit of conjecture and debate surrounding the release of Halo Infinite ever since news about the co-op delay dropped. However it does appear as though some people have a short memory, given the success of the technical beta. The game is looking good, but the lack of co-op at launch does admittedly dampen the games appeal somewhat.

Staten’s comments, however, do instil some confidence that the team knows what they’re doing, and at the very least we can look forward to sustained and consistent updates for Halo Infinite well after launch.

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