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The Ascent: How To Upgrade The Cyberdeck

CyberDeck upgrades are an integral part of the experience in The Ascent. Here’s what they do and how to upgrade them.

The Ascent is a must-play post-apocalyptic cyberpunk action game that’s out now on PC and Xbox Game Pass for console. The game is great on PC and also fantastic to play on your mobile, although it contains some rather unconventional mechanics, notwithstanding its save system.

The Ascent‘s progression system is scattered across a number of different variables. You can update your character’s attributes using Skill points, while individual weapons and augmentations can also be applied at key locations across the game world.

the ascent how to upgrade cyberdeck

CyberDeck upgrades are also an integral part of the experience, although, much like other progression-based features, are entirely optional when it comes to evolving your character’s abilities and skills.

What is CyberDeck

Your CyberDeck in The Ascent is basically what gives your character their hack prowess (or lack thereof). The more you build up your CyberDeck, the more hacking ability and reach you’ll have in the game world. You’re introduced to hacking ability very early on in the game, and you’ll find it useful for getting into locked chests and some doors, and a power collection of CyberDeck upgrades will form an integral part of your progression through the game world later on in the game.

If you come across any sort of machine or lock in The Ascent that can be interacted with, then chances are it can be hacked using your CyberDeck, provided you have the right upgrades. You can hack ATMs to loot some much-needed credits, or even turrets on the battlefield to help turn things back in your favour.

the ascent how to upgrade cyberdeck

Your hacking abilities early on are very much on the limited side, and much of what you try to hack will simply return an error. Additionally, you should be mindful of your capacity to hack turrets and the like, because making the attempt and then failing can be fatal if you leave yourself vulnerable to attack.

CyberDeck Upgrade Tiers

Here are the CyberDeck upgrade levels you should be looking to progress through as you make your way through the game.

  • TA Lifestyle
  • City Kicker
  • Peacemaker CD
  • Icepick
  • Plug
  • Visitor
  • Manta D
  • Diva
  • The Arcade
  • Ghost of Veles

To see where you currently sit on the CyberDecks upgrade list, head to the “Character” section of the main menu screen, and the “Bounties” section. As you find more CyberDeck upgrades, you’ll progressively more through the tiers, and thus earn more hacking capabilities.

the ascent how to upgrade cyberdeck

CyberDeck Upgrade Locations

Here’s where you can find some CyberDeck upgrades in The Ascent. If any are missing, please comment below to have them added to the list.

Cluster 13 – Complete the first mission. You’ll find the upgrade to the west of the main block of shops, on the floor alongside a railing above a ledge.

No Man’s Land – Make your way to the Grinder. There’s a tiny room that also houses a crafting component inside. There’s also a staircase that’s somewhat hidden in the dark: head up it to find the CyberDeck Upgrade in the chest.

Black Lack Towers – This one will be available on the Trading Place main mission. Look behind the doorway in Coder’s Cave.

the ascent how to upgrade cyberdeck

The Glut – If you undertake The Prison Break side mission, you’ll notice a building with a bright neon green glow. The upgrade is inside.

AG Vault – This upgrade is inside the chest that you’ll find when completing a main mission that takes you to this location.

Cosmodrome – You’ll come here for a second time during the mission “Foreign Code”. Once inside the warehouses, in the northwest corner of the area, you’ll find the upgrade inside a red chest.

Nitroad – You need to Visitor CyberDeck in order to get this upgrade, as you need to be able to open ICE-2 Doors. When you’re in the Nitroad, look for the Pharma Storage building. The upgrade is inside a red chest.

Found any more CyberDeck Upgrades in The Ascent? Tell us in the comments below!

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