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NBA 2K20 Kobe Bryant Build: Creating The Black Mamba

NOTE: This build won’t work in NBA 2K21


One of the more popular — and difficult — NBA superstars to build in NBA 2K20, Kobe Bryant is certainly one of the top players you want to mould your My Player around. In this guide, we’ll show you which attributes — both skill and physical — to set in the NBA 2K20 My Player Builder so that you end up with the best Kobe Bryant build.

The new NBA 2K20 My Player Builder comes with many familiar features, but the creation suite still stands to be one of the more unique and exciting additions in this year’s game. As with previous season, NBA 2K20 allows you to create players from scratch in My Player to use in My Career, and building a player with the skills, potential and ceiling of NBA superstars will ultimately help in rising up the ranks.

With that said, Kobe Bryant certainly stands as one of the game’s greats that you want to build a player around. Here’s how you do it. You can view the stats and step-by-step guide below, or view a recording of the creation below.

nba 2k20 kobe bryant build

Skill Breakdown

In order to get a Kobe Bryant build, you need to select the second pie graph. This ensure’s there is a good enough spread across shooting, finishing, ball handling, and defense.

Physical Profile

With the Physical Profile, you want to select the first pie graph. This will ensure our Kobe build has enough speed and vertical to fit the profile.

Potential Attributes

You need to max out the follow attributes:

  • Close Shot
  • Driving Layup
  • Driving Dunk
  • Mid-range Shot
  • Three-point Shot
  • Free Throw
  • Post Fade
  • Ball Handle
  • Post Moves
  • Peremiter Defense
  • Lateral Quickness
  • Steal
  • Blocking

You’ll then need to use your remaining Attribute points on Defensive Rebound, setting it to 52.

Weight, Height, And Wingspan

Bodyshape should be “Defined” (although this shouldn’t impact the result).

Height needs to be 6″5, this needs to ensure the build doesn’t lose any caps across their strong points like ball handling and shooting. If you select 6″6, you’ll see the build loses cap points across some key attributes, up to -5 for Ball Handling, which means you won’t get Kobe Bryant.

With weight, our build needs to be the absolute minimum for the position and build, at 175 lbs. This will impact the build’s strength, but their vertical and speed will increase.

Wingspan at 75.8″ will see slight increases in shooting and ball handling, as well as some increase in strength to offset the lost from the weight.

Takeover Badge

This should be an easy one: Shot Creator because, well, it’s Kobe Bryant.

Follow the above perfectly, and you’ll end up with Kobe Bryant.

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Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

Can't get the wing span to 75.8, shows a minimum of 77


Tuesday 4th of February 2020

great player we will miss him

Brandon Belflower

Tuesday 28th of January 2020

If you go with 175 weight you will get abused in the post.

Maria D

Wednesday 25th of September 2019

why no details on which badges to pick??


Tuesday 28th of January 2020

If u know Kobe you know the badges

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