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NBA 2K20 My Player Builder: How To Build The Perfect Player

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The NBA 2K20 My Player Builder allows you to build your own archetype from scratch, with the tools now available to build, establish and grow your player for My Career however you want and with unprecedented freedom.

My Career and player creation has for more than a decade defined the NBA 2K experience, and the My Player Builder in NBA 2K20 stands to redefine and set a new high standard for the franchise’s creation suite and options.

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With the opportunity to build your dream player and help them grow and build towards NBA superstardom, 2K Sports has refined the My Career player creation suite, expanding upon attribute, badge, and takeover abilities, and offering an unprecedented level of freedom for NBA 2K diehards.

Let’s take a look at the new My Player Builder, and run through some tips to help build the optimal player.

My Player Creation Tips

As with all previous NBA 2K entries, the tip with My Player creation is to not initially get too bogged down by everything that’s available to you. You’ll have plenty of time for trial and error and building the perfect Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan build, but really want you want to do initially is build a player that suits your own ideal play style in NBA 2K.

My approach is to always try and build a player that is well-rounded and balanced, relative to the chosen position, but still has room to grow in specific areas. NBA 2K20 is slightly different in that each position has a number of pre-defined builds available, each of which also differentiate your strongest attributes, alongside highlighting the areas in which you’re going to have your highest number of badges (for example, a highlighted Ball Handling attribute, means any additional attribute point spend here will contribute a higher rate of Playmaker badges).

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Creating a player that suits your own NBA 2K play style is obviously integral, as it will ensure the My Career mode remains enjoyable for as long as possible, but so as to also ensure your player encapsulates the best of what NBA 2K20 has for you.

Before jumping into the builder, decide what kind of player you want to be. Do you want to control the play? Then a PG or SG with high playmaking attributes is your ideal style.

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The SG and SF positions are more suitable if you like moving off the ball and shooting off the dribble, although both positions demand more defensive accountability and off-ball movement. Tougher positions to play, there is an obligation here to get into good position for your teammates.

The C and PF positions are different beasts all together. Hit the boards, set screens, and play D down in the post: demand the ball when you know you have the capacity to beat the opponent close to the basket. If you lack proficiency in these areas, My Career won’t be kind to you.

Choosing Your Skill Breakdown

This part of the My Player Builder may seem familiar to you. Depending on the position you’ve chosen, you’ll have a number of selected pie charts, which break attributes into Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking, and Defense/Rebounding (yes, they’re together).

nba 2k20 my player builder

This is where you need to consider your position and play style carefully. If you’re a Centre with an intent on defense and rebounding, then you want a pie chart selected that prioritises the “red” Defense / Rebounding attributes. If you’re an SG with strong shooting attributes, then a pie chart with more green is your go-to.

nba 2k20 my player builder

This component of the My Player Builder is what sets your attribute caps: the maximum number of attribute points available for a position. So, if you select a cap with a higher Shooting (green) proficiency, then the Shooting attributes will have higher caps. The highlighted attributes are your strongest areas, and also the areas where you should focus on Badges.

Choosing Your Physical Profile

This is another area where you really need to consider your position and play style, but now also your skill breakdown has defined earlier. If you’re an SG with a play making focus, then obviously you want speed and acceleration as key physical traits.

If you’ve designed a PF with strong shooting and rebounding, then Strength and Vertical physical attributes should be your go-to design philosophy.

nba 2k20 my player builder

It’s important that you’re building a physical profile that suits your designed attribute traits, because you don’t want a weak rebounder, or a slow play maker, as examples.

Not that your “Body Shape” has absolutely no bearing on your player’s skills or physical traits: it’s purely, 100% cosmetic. Your height, weight, and wingspan, however, can impact attributes: a tall PG, for example, may seen drops in ball handling and acceleration, but interior rebounding and defense may see their caps increase slightly. Both “body type” and “weight” are set during the “Potential” section of the creation suite, which is covered below.

Setting Your Potential

Now it’s time to designed attribute points to your skills, and this is where some real focus and refined spending comes into play.

nba 2k20 my player builder

The general approach I take is that I look to spend points evenly across attributes with both low and high cap ceilings. So, as a play maker, for example, I obviously want really strong Pass Accuracy, but Perimeter Defense, likely with a lower cap ceiling, is also an important attribute if I want a really well-balanced play maker than can force turnovers and get the fast break happening.

You really need to think outside the box here in this regard: it’s obviously important to prioritise the areas with the most room to grow, but you also want to get the absolute most out of areas that you may not necessarily be strong in from the get-go. There’s nothing wrong with a defensive-minded Centre, for example, to have strong Pass Accuracy skills.

nba 2k20 my player builder

Choosing Your Takeover

There are three Takeover options available:

  • Playmaker: Playmakers can freeze defenders more often with augmented ball handling abilities, and can enhance their teammates’ shot making off assists.
  • Slasher: Slashers receive extra boosts to finishing at the rim in traffic and more effective gathers to get past the defense
  • Spot Up Shooter: Spot Up Shooters get a marked improvement to hit from deep, especially in catch and shoot situations
  • Shot Creator: Shot Creators become more effective at shooting off the dribble and can shake off defenders consistently using stepback and spin gathers.
nba 2k20 my player builder

These are fairly self-explanatory: takeovers dictate how your player can impact a match once they get “hot”. If you’re opting for a pass-first guard player, then obviously Playmaker is the idea choice.

If you’re creating an inside-shooter, posting, fast-breaking type player, than a Slasher tackeover is ideal. And finally, Spot Up Shooter is for those players designed to be quick and effective and hitting those clutch shots.

nba 2k20 my player builder

Once you’ve finalised your player, you’ll get a name for your build, as well as some NBA stars — past and present — that best match your build.

Have any tips or builds you’d like to share with the community? Show off your creations below!

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