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Overwatch Summer Games 2019 skins: Here’s what’s up for grabs

The latest event has finally arrived, bringing with it a new round of Lucioball and plenty of unlockables up for grabs over the coming weeks. Here’s what we can expect on the Overwatch Summer Games 2019 skins front.

Every week of this year’s Summer Games event will offer up new skins across Reinhardt, Mei and Reaper, with the latter’s American Reaper skin forming the basis of the current mini-event, similar to the Baptiste events from a few weeks ago: the more games you win with Reaper, the closer you’ll get to his newest skin.

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There’s also a bunch of Legendary skins available across the event, of course include a Lucio-themed skin, this time for Wrecking Ball.

Torb nails it in a new Surf n Splash skin, while Genji’s Kendoka skin will win plenty of gamer’s hearts

Running through into August 5, you’ll have plenty of time to grab these skins, which you can check out below.

overwatch summer games 2019 skins brigette ana ash
overwatch summer games 2019 skins reaper
overwatch summer games 2019 skins reinhardt
overwatch summer games 2019 skins genji
overwatch summer games 2019 skins mei
overwatch summer games 2019 skins hanzo
overwatch summer games 2019 skins torbjorn
overwatch summer games 2019 skins wrecking ball

Alongside this year’s Summer Games event is a Reaper award for the above skin. A few weeks back we had a Baptiste event, where players had to play as and ultimately win as Baptiste over 12 matches before unlocking the special new skin.

This Reaper event works in much the same way, perhaps as a means to increase the hero’s winrate/pickrate after some recent changes.

He’s far more viable now against what was a fairly tank-heavy meta at the start of this year and even as recent as leading into season 16 of Competitive.

Ideally, more players will learn how to play him here, and ultimately get rewarded for it. Reaper is a much-needed hero in the competitive scene for his brute force and tank-busting ability, and so it’s good to see Blizzard working to increase his viability and pick rate among the community.

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