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Overwatch PTR patch notes: Latest update refines Workshop UI

The latest update to hit the Overwatch PTR looks to refine and improve the UI in the game’s latest mode, Workshop, ahead of the creative suite’s release on public servers in the coming weeks, the latest patch notes reveal.

Only a few weeks after arguably the best new addition to Overwatch since the game’s launch hit the PTR, Blizzard is looking to continually improve the offerings of the intimidatingly deep and diverse creative suite, ahead of its addition to public servers on PC, Xbox One and PS4.

overwatch PTR patch notes

We don’t have a release date for Workshop coming to other platforms yet, but it goes without saying that something as complex and powerful should probably be put through its paces on the PTR before joining the rest of the game’s offerings across public servers.

The patch also looks at fixing some bugs impacting both Custom Games, as well as Doomfist. Check out the latest Overwatch PTR Patch Notes below.


Custom Games

  • When you save a preset, the name now changes to the selected preset.
  • There is now a key binding for restarting a custom game.
overwatch ptr patch notes



  • Fixed a bug where Seismic Slam could hit enemies that were out of Doomfist’s normal range
overwatch ptr patch notes


  • Fixed multiple bugs with the “Set Max Health” action, particularly with its interaction with barrier health.
  • Fixed UI and effects not correctly interpreting chased variables whose destinations or rates were player-specific values (such as player variables).
  • Fixed the “Set Ultimate Charge” and “Start Camera” actions sometimes not correctly reading player-specific values (such as player variables).
  • Fixed the “Start Holding Button” action not handling the “Interact” button correctly.
  • Improved stability.
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