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The 10 best Overwatch Workshop ideas, from Gun Game to Smash Bros

Overwatch has seen a significant change and addition in the way of the Workshop, which is already starting to generate plenty of amazing ideas and creations from the Overwatch community. As such, we’ve put together a list of the best Overwatch Workshop ideas so far. Check out the top 10 below, and share your favourites in the comments below.

best overwatch workshop ideas


Code: PD5YF

Okay so we all know that the “aimbot” is a big, bad dirty world in the gaming realm, but given Blizzard has actually given us the capacity to built whatever the hell we want, it goes without saying that one must jump into an Aimbot creation in Overwatch Workshop. Check out the Overwatch Workshop aimbot here.

6v6 Teabag

Code: 4C5X7

This may be, as one player called it, Overwatch at peak potential. There doesn’t appear to be much to it: simply knock your opponent out using Ana, and then hover over them, Halo-teabag style, to claim the kill.

I created a 6v6 teabag mode in Workshop from r/Overwatch

Gun Game

Code: No code, the game is available in the PTR Arcade

Gun Game may well be the best thing to come from Overwatch Workshop yet. And it may well be the least complex of everything we’ve seen thus far.

Just like many other Gun Game before it, in the Overwatch version you automatically switch heroes once you claim a kill. The first player to survive through every hero is crowned the winner.

Gun game is the best thing to come from the workshop yet. from r/Overwatch


Code: TJFS5

Okay so this probably needs a bit of work with the creator even admitting that it’s a bit buggy, but this has an awesome Diablo feeling about it, and it’s difficult not to see just how influential that game was on Overwatch.

I made a top-down version of Overwatch from r/Overwatch


Code: EJ0XD 

If you ever played Superhot, well done, because it’s one of the more unique and interesting shooters of all time. With the release of Overwatch Workshop we now have our own Overwatch-themed equivalent.

The rules:

  1. Team 1 can only play as Soldier: 76
  2. Team 2 players can choose between Genji, Tracer, or Lucio
  3. All players from team 1 have the ability to stop time by not moving. You go back to real time when you start moving again.
  4. Team 1 players cannot use any abilities or shoot if they are in slow motion.
  5. Team 1 players deal more damage (150%) when moving
  6. Team 2 players heal over time (25HP per second) when team 1 players stop moving
I made a version of Superhot in the workshop called Overhot from r/Overwatch

Katamari Hammacy

Code: TQ1V4

So this is less of a mode and more of just Hammond being a downright maniac, but my love for Katamari Damacy makes this difficult to ignore.

[Workshop] Katamari Hammacy from r/Overwatch

TDM Bastion Helicopters

Code: 9TBV2

Bastion? Check! Sentry? Check? No Gravity? Check! Free movement? Oh yeah!

Saw this gamemode and decided to try the Workshop to improve it: TDM Bastion Helicopters from r/Overwatch

Hammond Racing

Code: JWY47 

12 Hamsters, one finishing line. It sounds simple, but it’s utter insanity … and sheer brilliance.

Super Smash Bros Overwatch


This one is still very much a work in progress, given its popularity and the fact its creator has been inundated with suggestions.

Still, it stands as one of the more intriguing and fun game modes to come out of Overwatch Workshop thus far.

via Gfycat

Silver Mei

Code: PT13F

Okay so like Katamari Hammacy, it’s not a mode persay, but it has the potential to become something huge.

via Gfycat

Bumper Hammonds


Because why not? Balls of Hammonds, battling it out to knock opponents off the capture point.

I made a bumper cars (balls?) game mode in the workshop from r/Overwatch

What are your favourite Overwatch Workshop modes, modes, and heroes? Sound off in the comments below!

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